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The Mat S6 E3 “Mercy, Compassion and Karma


Dear Friends,

We can’t avoid difficulties or problems in life. Now for the good news- we can change our Karma. We can change every aspect of our lives. You may ask ” Why would I want to change my life?” So I’ll answer that for you. By changing your life, your karma changes deep within your being for the better.

From the Buddhist point of view on life and death- happiness is for eternity- in other lifetimes- in the future. When we change with a “Mission” we awaken this eternal happiness.

Ask anyone what “Karma” means to them. Generally, people tend to believe “Karma” is something bad that happens from bad actions.

What is “Karma” really? Let us study this together. Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.

It is the happenings of cause and effect that goes beyond life and death. Think of it like this, every thought, every action, each word that crosses our tongue and how we act are all little seeds that we plant in our garden of “our life”. These “seeds” or “causes” which is truly what they are can sit quiet and dormant now or during the future. However, from time to time, or under certain circumstances, these seeds will reveal themselves. This happens as “results”- whether it be a reward or punishment.

Buddhists believe life is not just “now” but the past, present and the future lives or “three existences of life”.

Let us examine “The General Law Of Cause And Effect”.

Our actions at any time become part of cause and effect. Buddhists believe if we hurt others, steal from them, cheat, lie etc. these things will express themselves in the present or future with bad effects on our lives.

To start believing in this we would have to do something positive for every bad action we have even done to rid ourselves of such bad karma. We would also have to stop making bad decisions and acting in any manner which leads to bad karma. This could leave many of us feeling hopeless like we don’t have enough time in our lifetime to fix this.

The best news is we can change simply by striving to live with respect for our own happiness and the happiness of others.If we spread this type of action or “behavior” we begin to immediately change the direction of our life. No longer do we feel “hopeless” or “powerless”. By seeking to live better, our laundry list of sins can be cleansed by wisdom.

As we strive to clean up and make any change we will run into opposition, people and things will interfere with your attempts to clean house. You need to look at those times as “added bonuses”. By overcoming the difficulty you have naturally removed your karmic incidents.

By devoting yourself and showing others your path by your actions you will have removed negativity during the walk through your troubles. The key is to do this with a positive attitude. Turning your negatives to positives ,thus transforming your destiny.







The Benefits Of Yoga; A Yogi’s Perspective


Dear Friends,



I made this video on my birthday and just had a chance to post it now for you. I hope this will inspire you to find your own path whatever that may be.



Warming Up With Hatha Yoga!


Dear Friends,

The yoga “basics” that we see in a lot of different styles of yoga stem from the routines found in Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is an active yoga. Ha “sun” and Tha “moon”brings us balance.

Today we will go through a warm up that is sure to keep you energized before you head out into your day or to unwind after coming back home.

In this video, I demonstrate how we can also start our warm up with an intention and a candle lighting to calm your mind and allow the proper spirit in preparation for class.

This type of yoga is perfect for a beginner or if you are looking for that “key” component to add to another form of exercise Hatha might just be for you.

The poses that we go through are all part of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Mountain Pose

Forward Fold

Downward Dog

Upward Dog

Remember inhalation going up and exhalation going down!

Enjoy your Holiday season the right way with extra energy and repeat often!

Enjoy The Video Below click on “Hatha Yoga”

Enjoy Each Day With Much Love,

Kat of JYL Yoga


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Yoga and positive vibes in a fishing cottage!

Yoga and positive vibes in a fishing cottage!


Dear Students and Friends,
Cute story. In July I went to a fishing cottage on the West Coast of FL for a week. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to go into the artsy little gift and consignment shops. While checking out at a little shop I met this wonderful sales women who happened to be a gypsy named Gracie.

Of course I was fascinated I had never had met a real live gypsy she had the look, the outfit and the jewels. Being Irish growing up in N.J. and N.Y. you hear stories of Irish travelers and the gypsies but I actually had the pleasure of holding an adult conversation with her about the area and her life as an artist and a gypsy.
She looked really serious with me at one point in our chat and told me that she knows that I will be back again and we would run into each other this was not the last time she would see me and said that she could just tell.

Fast forward 6 weeks later I am guess where? Back at this little village 3 hrs from my house spending another weekend. Gracie had been on my mind just minutes prior and I had just finished a conversation with my husband trying to recall her name calling her Angela in my conversation. Ten minutes later as fate dictates I am once again perusing the shelves at a different nautical treasure shop and I turn around to ask the clerk if she had a book on the city and guess who is smiling at me? Gracie and I said to her; “Didn’t we meet last month at the other shop and isn’t your name Angela?” and she said “Gracie” and took my hand to say hello. We had a great catch up.
She told me she will be in another place when I come back next time and I will see her around when I come back and that she lives nearby to where I was staying.

Talk about being able to just have instinctive readings on someone she said I’d be back and that we would meet again soon and we did. I was really perplexed how we met up again, fate.

I know sometimes life can seem mundane. As my gypsy traveler friend Gracie travels I thought to myself there is a little gypsy in each of us. We have to dare to try something different in our life that will shake what is normal and mundane and awaken us spiritually. This will only benefit us whether it is spontaneous traveling or a new type of exercise, or just reading a good novel of a different genre or signing up and learning a new hobby. Just do something and watch what transpires when you jump away from your normal safe zone as you transform.

As for me, I’ll keep a smile on my face and remember that nothing is by chance thank you Gracie!

I have shared 2 videos for you during my little time in the village this past weekend and also a background on my decision to learn yoga and why you should make the commitment to betterment in your life. You can only go up from here. You know I say it is all about the journey and not the destination but I also have to believe now after this past weekend that somethings are predestined.

Namaste my sweet friends,




Dear Students and friends,

Today I stood in downward dog reminding myself to only be in the present moment throughout my practice. Have you had to remind yourself of that?
It is too easy for the mind to wonder during yoga practice. Stillness is
only achieved im being only in the present moment.

Stillness can be described in many ways basically It is the calmness you feel during the absence of noise.
Sitting in silence this morning I listen to the sounds of nature surrounding me on my yoga mat outside.
I begin to hear the variations:of birds and other wildlife in my tree tops.

I here the squirrels rummaging through the yard climbing all about.
I hear a distant plane flying overhead I imagine they are bringing tourists to Florida
I return quietly to my breathe as not to be easily distracted focus on the present I have to regroup my mind.

I am doing my Vinyasa practice today flowing in and out of each pose breathe in breathe out through sun salutation one and two and ultimately back to downward dog where it strikes me just how connected I am when I let everything else vanish from my thoughts and give dedication to my practice time on the mat.
Beads of sweat build up then begin to trickle down my forehead touching my eyelashes as I hold each posture.
I am drenched now on this glorious Sunday summer morning practice and as I release into corpse pose I feel each part of my body tingle in excitement each cell being rejevonated.

It is only here at the end of our practice that we fully can receive the benefits of stillness, the reward for all of our efforts and that is why Savasana “corpse pose” is so important.