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The Mat S6 E3 “Mercy, Compassion and Karma


Dear Friends,

We can’t avoid difficulties or problems in life. Now for the good news- we can change our Karma. We can change every aspect of our lives. You may ask ” Why would I want to change my life?” So I’ll answer that for you. By changing your life, your karma changes deep within your being for the better.

From the Buddhist point of view on life and death- happiness is for eternity- in other lifetimes- in the future. When we change with a “Mission” we awaken this eternal happiness.

Ask anyone what “Karma” means to them. Generally, people tend to believe “Karma” is something bad that happens from bad actions.

What is “Karma” really? Let us study this together. Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.

It is the happenings of cause and effect that goes beyond life and death. Think of it like this, every thought, every action, each word that crosses our tongue and how we act are all little seeds that we plant in our garden of “our life”. These “seeds” or “causes” which is truly what they are can sit quiet and dormant now or during the future. However, from time to time, or under certain circumstances, these seeds will reveal themselves. This happens as “results”- whether it be a reward or punishment.

Buddhists believe life is not just “now” but the past, present and the future lives or “three existences of life”.

Let us examine “The General Law Of Cause And Effect”.

Our actions at any time become part of cause and effect. Buddhists believe if we hurt others, steal from them, cheat, lie etc. these things will express themselves in the present or future with bad effects on our lives.

To start believing in this we would have to do something positive for every bad action we have even done to rid ourselves of such bad karma. We would also have to stop making bad decisions and acting in any manner which leads to bad karma. This could leave many of us feeling hopeless like we don’t have enough time in our lifetime to fix this.

The best news is we can change simply by striving to live with respect for our own happiness and the happiness of others.If we spread this type of action or “behavior” we begin to immediately change the direction of our life. No longer do we feel “hopeless” or “powerless”. By seeking to live better, our laundry list of sins can be cleansed by wisdom.

As we strive to clean up and make any change we will run into opposition, people and things will interfere with your attempts to clean house. You need to look at those times as “added bonuses”. By overcoming the difficulty you have naturally removed your karmic incidents.

By devoting yourself and showing others your path by your actions you will have removed negativity during the walk through your troubles. The key is to do this with a positive attitude. Turning your negatives to positives ,thus transforming your destiny.






How To Meditate Book Review Summer 2016 Part #1 By JYL

How To Meditate Book Review Summer 2016 Part #1 By JYL

Dear Friends,

It has been five months since I last blogged to you. I’ve been slowing down due to  a few reasons and missed you all so much. I’ve had a lot of time to gear up in the reading department.I wanted to bring you something really special for your summer enjoyment. This summer we are discussing the book “How To Meditate” by Author Pema Chodron. Pema Chödrön is an American, 79 years of age, and a Tibetan Buddhist. She is an ordained nun, acharya, and disciple of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Chodron has written several books and is the director of the Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We will start with pondering why we should meditate and how to get started meditating.

I would like you to join me in discovering the importance of looking within.

Please watch Pema as she discusses the experience of “getting hooked” on meditation and then my video introduction as we begin  going through the book review.





Switching Gears Mantras of the Alphabet!



Dear Friends,

You may be looking for Day 5 of our 21 day meditation and I was hoping to continue to post the videos but apparently they were all taken down thus we have no access at this time to share them with you. That is okay when life gives us yogis lemons we squeeze them and make NJ Lemonade!

So switching gears today we will do something for the first quarter that is similar. We will study mantras and their meanings starting with Aad Guray Nameh which we have touched on briefly before.
A lot of our you tubes and guidance is made posible by the lovely people at Spirit Voyage we thank you for sharing with us.

Mantra: Aad Guray Nameh

Complete Mantra:
Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guroo Dayvay Nameh
Language: Gurmukhi
Source: Sukhmani Sahib (prayer of peace)
Author: Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Fifth Guru of the Sikhs
I bow to the primal Guru
I bow to the truth that has existed throughout the ages
I bow to True Wisdom
I bow to the Great Divine Wisdom
More Information:
This is a mantra of protection and is recited to invoke the protective energy of the universe. Yogi Bhajan taught that this mantra should always be chanted 3 times in a row. This mantra is chanted after tuning in to a class with the Adi Mantra.

Many people chant this mantra when they need extra protection. It is part of the “triple mantra”, and is often spoken before driving a car to create a protective energy around the those in the car.

When you cannot be protected, this mantra shall protect you. When things stop, and won’t move, this makes them move in your direction. – Yogi Bhajan

Happy Wednesday be true to your mat




Dear Friends,

Hi welcome back for day 3 I’m glad to see you are following along. Today Dr.Chopra and Oprah talk to us about confidence.

Listening to Dr.Chopra I can’t help but remember as a child of the 70’s some of the things I learned. The school teacher told you if you studied really hard and got good grades that you could be anything you wanted to be as an adult even an astronaut, not that I ever wanted that for one second.
Some of us had parents that told you if you went to church on Sunday and CCD class on Wednesday, did not miss any penance or communion (if you were Catholic) that you would be fine in life whatever that meant?. Then if you had a parent that had fought in battle you may have heard that nothing in life comes easy and there is no free meal and that you have to earn your way as it won’t be handed to you. If you were lucky enough to know your grandparents they probably talked about the struggle to get to the new country from their homeland to give your parents a better life. All the stuff that filled our heads we took it all in, dissected it and tried to make sense of what it meant. It all shared one common denominator there was some level of difficulty involved.
It was a belief system if you struggle in “this” then you achieve “that”.

Just as a bird doesn’t struggle to fly we too can sail through without such difficulty. We have to focus on living in this blissful state of mind and apply it to all we do in our daily life. It is a simple mantra, try it along with me.


Confident Me

Mantra:Sat Chit Ananda
Translation: Existence, consciousness and bliss

Centering Thought: Abundance flows easily and freely to me.

Please scroll to #3 on the playlist by clicking on the word playlist:

Empowered Me



Dear Friends,

Welcome to day number 2 “Empowered Me” by Oprah and Deepak Chopra part of our 21 day series.

Mantra:Om Kriyam Namah

Translation:My actions are aligned with cosmic law

Centering Thought: I am a powerful creator

Today we focus on karmic law. You always here me babbling on my blog about how much I value karmic law.

I am one of the true believers that what you put out you get back enough said.

Enjoy today’s meditation I hope your take away is as good as mine was.


Please go to video #2 by clicking on the playlist:

21 Day Meditation



Dear Friends,
It is a glorious new year as we embark upon our studies.
We will start with the 21 day meditation that you may have seen featured on Oprah in November with Deepak Chopra from the Chopra Center For Well Being.

Day #1 Who am I?

Mantra: So hum
Translation: I am

Centering Thought:
I am my deepest desire

Many years ago I was challenged with a similar question during a bible study course on finding our purpose in life. I guess for me the question bothered me then and it still bothers me today on my mat listening to Dr. Chopra ask the eternal question.

The difference a decade later being I finally have a better grasp of that short but troubling question of Who am I?
The Upanishads declare that we are our deepest desire and after much meditation on this subject it finally sunk in for me.
It is not about the “question” of Who am I? I am not defined by a few phrases. I am way too diverse so I could not easily find this answer.
Then bam a day later it hit me like a fallen branch, the answer is not defined by my description of myself. Besides, I thought to myself who the hell cares what we think of ourselves or how we “classify” ourselves. Would that not be arrogant to go around defining whom we are?

Who am I is everything I desire augmented by my beliefs and actions. So all that I desire or whom I become is manifested by mainly the will of my creator but that he tells me through my beliefs and my actions that I will determine to set that course on that path towards whom I ultimately become.

Please follow me on this exciting 3 week journey after just one day it has already shown me there is much more to learn about the basic principles.