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The Mat S6 E11 “Yoga Sutra 1-8”


Dear Friends,

We continue of our journey into Demystifying Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1-8:

“Wrong understanding is when we mistake true nature of that which is being considered.”

Have you ever done something and then later found out that you made a huge mistake? Sure you have, we all have at one time or another. In this Century most of us  are on information overload and don’t even realize it because we are too busy being busy taking on more information or “data”. I will give you one huge example that we are each familiar with “Social Media:”

How many hours of your life do you spend on your mobile device or computer tagging family/friends, uploading images, reading posts, agreeing or disagreeing over those posts etc. Are you so glued to your Social Media that you bring your phone to the table while eating? Sure you do, most of you do, admit it. Do you sit across from a friend or coworker and totally pretend to be listening to them while your engrossed in the next chime on your cell phone from Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter etc.?

While Social Media is clearly a tool that society uses to share and express we are to be mature enough to curtail our intake and output in the electronic World and in the World in general.This is why mediation and reflection are so important in your daily lives. But I understand, for some of you, your too busy just treading water right?

At least take the time to consider how if you stop what you are doing and pick up this book and begin to study along that you may just find a way to clear out a path in your schedule for “you time” and then when you actually do this you will thank yourself for it.

We need to clear the mind and to do that we need to clear a path, then and only then we can see the truth.

So how do we tell the truth from false visions? This is not so easy. When we have “wrong understanding” it becomes an obstacle in our life, especially as we try to go on our spiritual path.

As Patanjali teaches us we need a few things in out tool kit to take along:

We need to learn:




Our minds are inclined to self-deception. We are born of wishful thinking and ego-protectiveness.

So how do we get started? We each need to find our Guru (teacher,mentor). When we find the Guru we need to approach this Guru with the right attitude in order for things to progress in our manifestation.

How will you know who your Guru is? It will just feel right, you’ll know when you meet him/her. There are times in your life when you will move on to new Guru’s and it is possible to have more than one Guru. For now try to clear your path and open your mind.

Trust me, please trust me, if you have a heart of humility, you devote yourself to your practice and you open up to all possibilities and are ready to listen, learn, try new ideas and new things then you will be able to tell truth from false visions. It is a process, yoga is a process. It took your body, mind and soul many years to be the way you are today and it will take a long time to undue what you need to clean up and to add the new tools that you need to survive and become enlightened.

The good news is that if you are watching this video and reading along, you are already practicing on your spiritual path.




The Mat S6 E9 “Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras1-6” by Kat of JYL


Yoga Sutras 1:6

(The vritis are) right and wrong conceptions of what is , imagination, sleep, and memory. All vritis, in stirring the waters of feeling, distort the reality that is soul-Bliss.

Dear Friends,

Boy is it hot! I hope this blog post finds you enjoying the start of summer. We have been studying the Yoga Sutras for a couple of month’s now and learning what Patanjali wanted to express to us in his writings. As we dig deeper into the Sutras we find ourselves taking apart little pieces of this vast puzzle of how to live our yogic lives.

Sutra 1:6 tells us that practicing meditation and calm wisdom is the best way to avoid the illusion of our vrittis (desires).

Think of God, pray for his grace and ask to seek his presence in meditation.

Srikrishna said in the Bhagavad Gita: “Get away from my ocean of suffering and misery!”

Don’t worry if that quote confuses you, it should. We will study the Gita in 2018 after we better understand the Sutras.

Namaste With love,


Awaken With Kundalini Yoga

Awaken With Kundalini Yoga

Moving right along in the different types of yoga we come to another favorite study of mine, Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga dates back over 5,000 years, in short, Kundalini yoga is the “yoga of awareness”.

The Upanishads or “the sacred scriptures” of Hinduism date back to the fifth century B.C. and they mention a description of Kundalini but there are conversations of this type of yoga dating back even further.Kundalini was observed by psychiatrist Carl Jung in 1932 and later brought into the US in 1968 by Yogi Bhajan who founded the “Healthy, Happy, Holy Orgainization,(3HO)” as a teaching organization.

When we endeavor upon Kundalini we first learn that the sole purpose of this type of practice is to awaken your higher self. The masters believed that Kundalini is an energy center for your creative awareness.

Kundalini was first practiced in what is now India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. The early practitioners taught that if you cultivate your inner stillness you will prosper in life.

Perhaps one of the most interestingly named styles pulled from Sanskrit Kundalini literally means “coiled snake”. The belief is that  your divine energy is stored deeply at the base of your spine and by practicing this yoga you will awaken your higher self and turn all of that energy into kinetic energy.

When we previously studied the Chakras at JYL we were, in fact, practicing Kundalini. There are Mantras also which correlate directly to Kundalini. One of my favorite Mantras is “Adi Shakti Mantra”. This mantra is practiced mainly in the morning but of course, depending on your set schedule you can do it at any time, there are no set rules in practicing.

Recently we encountered Hurricane Matthew here in Florida. We happen to own a house in Volusia County, Florida where we sat through the storm. Volusia county although not hurt nearly as bad as the Carolina’s was one of the hardest hit parts of Florida in terms of damages. It is 3 weeks today since that hurricane has passed and we are still picking up the pieces of everything. When one goes through the storms of life they can choose to deal with the experience in one of two ways. They can either rely on their inner strength to overcome and continue onward, or they can wallow in self-pity and irritability because life tossed them a hardball.

When one goes through the storms of life they can choose to deal with the experience in one of two ways. They can either rely on their inner strength to overcome and continue onward, or they can wallow in self-pity and irritability because life tossed them a hard ball. If there is one thing I took away from going through this storm locally it is that my training both in my Christian belief system and my yoga studies has come to hold my hand during the tossing of the hardball. I have also observed as I interact and see others in the community and listened to them. I heard a lot of negativity and blame and frustration. Unfortunately,  these people are really are lost, confused and angry on both the inside and the outside when things don’t go as planned. I wanted to say “Hey people, we did not get the worst of it, what are you complaining about?”  but I just listened and observed because sometimes that is the best course of action. Later as the weeks went on that is when I realized that my work is a life journey as I have to continue to get the message out and help others. For me the ups and downs that I witnessed and experienced surely gave me more of a purpose, isn’t that awesome?

Kundalini can calm irritability and offer an inner awareness and peace unlike nothing else on such a physical and spiritual level. I welcome everyone to try this Mantra as part of learning on your journey.



Adi Shakti Mantra

Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo


I bow to the primal power.
I bow to the all-encompassing power and energy.
I bow to that through which God creates.
I bow to the creative power of
the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power.


First force of all creation, to You I bow
Divine force, everywhere, to You I bow
Creative force, primal force, to You I bow
Rising up, Divine Mother, to You I bow

Here is a great video to follow do 11 minutes to start and go from there:

2 Hour Adi Shakti Mantra

Adi Shakti

1 Minute Booty Boot Camp Standing Forward Bend Pose

1 Minute Booty Boot Camp Standing Forward Bend Pose

Dear Friends,

1 minute is all it takes and you can join us, do you have a minute to spare? If not you better check your schedule as your way too busy!

Standing Forward Bend Pose has so many benefits such as stretching your hips,hamstrings and calves and strengthening your thighs and knees.

This pose will help relax your central nervous system and calm you which is a total stress reliever.


Start out in Mountain Pose

Forward fold bending over and try to touch the back of your calves if not then the back of your knees with a slight bend in the knees, breathe and hold, inhale up.

Moderate practice: Use blocks next to each foot, reach down to the block this will help you to go over more towards the mat

Advanced practitioners: Palms and fingertips into the floor. Straighten your elbows and arch your torso away from your thighs. Lengthen between your pubic bone and navel. Use your palms or fingertips and push down against the floor. Lift up the top of your sternum away from the floor, look forward but do not compress the back of your neck. Do 3 breaths, exhale back to full Uttanasana, inhale up.


1 Minute Booty Boot Camp Cobra Pose

1 Minute Booty Boot Camp Cobra Pose

Dear Friends,

Do you have 1 minute to help yourself? Just one minute to dedicate to well being?

A one minute segment from Booty Boot camp by JerseyYogalicious  NESTA certified instructor Kathleen Wendorf.

Cobra/ Bhujangasana pose reflects a serpent

Bhujang = Snake (Cobra); Asana = Posture or Pose with it’s hood raised.

This pose opens your shoulders and neck and works your abdomen.

Lie on your stomach with your toes on the floor behind you and your forehead resting on the ground

Legs can be close together with heels touching if this is comfortable for you

Palms down under your shoulders elbows parallel and close to your body. You may bend your elbows.

Lift up your head, chest and abdomen with your navel left on the floor

Pulling yourself up with the support of your hands and strength of your lower back doing the work.


Booty Boot Camp

Booty Boot Camp

Dear Friends,

I promised you a mini boot camp this fall. I have been doing boot camp for 2 months now and I feel stronger and ready to take on the busy seasons ahead. Whether you are in demand professionally or personally we all need to keep our strength up, specifically even more so during winter when colds and flu can knock at our door.

Not only is it important to exercise regularly but your diet and sleep pattern need to be carefully monitored.

Try some cardio boot camp and keep at it for the next few months it will really give you that edge that helps energize your body.