The Mat S6 E3 “Mercy, Compassion and Karma


Dear Friends,

We can’t avoid difficulties or problems in life. Now for the good news- we can change our Karma. We can change every aspect of our lives. You may ask ” Why would I want to change my life?” So I’ll answer that for you. By changing your life, your karma changes deep within your being for the better.

From the Buddhist point of view on life and death- happiness is for eternity- in other lifetimes- in the future. When we change with a “Mission” we awaken this eternal happiness.

Ask anyone what “Karma” means to them. Generally, people tend to believe “Karma” is something bad that happens from bad actions.

What is “Karma” really? Let us study this together. Karma is Sanskrit for “action”.

It is the happenings of cause and effect that goes beyond life and death. Think of it like this, every thought, every action, each word that crosses our tongue and how we act are all little seeds that we plant in our garden of “our life”. These “seeds” or “causes” which is truly what they are can sit quiet and dormant now or during the future. However, from time to time, or under certain circumstances, these seeds will reveal themselves. This happens as “results”- whether it be a reward or punishment.

Buddhists believe life is not just “now” but the past, present and the future lives or “three existences of life”.

Let us examine “The General Law Of Cause And Effect”.

Our actions at any time become part of cause and effect. Buddhists believe if we hurt others, steal from them, cheat, lie etc. these things will express themselves in the present or future with bad effects on our lives.

To start believing in this we would have to do something positive for every bad action we have even done to rid ourselves of such bad karma. We would also have to stop making bad decisions and acting in any manner which leads to bad karma. This could leave many of us feeling hopeless like we don’t have enough time in our lifetime to fix this.

The best news is we can change simply by striving to live with respect for our own happiness and the happiness of others.If we spread this type of action or “behavior” we begin to immediately change the direction of our life. No longer do we feel “hopeless” or “powerless”. By seeking to live better, our laundry list of sins can be cleansed by wisdom.

As we strive to clean up and make any change we will run into opposition, people and things will interfere with your attempts to clean house. You need to look at those times as “added bonuses”. By overcoming the difficulty you have naturally removed your karmic incidents.

By devoting yourself and showing others your path by your actions you will have removed negativity during the walk through your troubles. The key is to do this with a positive attitude. Turning your negatives to positives ,thus transforming your destiny.






The Mat S6 E2: An in depth study on Patanjali The Yoga Sutras


Dear Friends,

Join us as we study to better understand mercy and compassion by learning from different perspectives alongside studying Patanjali’s teachings on The Yoga Sutras.

Understanding Mercy and Compassion: An in-depth study on Patanjali The Yoga Sutras will enlighten us as to how to live our best lives now.

Wishing you health and love always,



The Mat by JYL S6 E1 Ayurveda principles


The Mat by Kat of JYL

Season: 6 Episode: 1   Ayurveda principles

Hello Friends,

We find ourselves in mid-January 2017. Ahh, take a slow, deep breath winter is here. While some of us have already fought off the nasty flu and stomach virus that is circling our great world, others are just catching it now. That is one reason that it is so important to be practicing yoga year round.

Each season will either lift you up or encumber your sense of well-being. That might explain while some people worship sunshine, open water and wait patiently for each summer such as I do (even though I live in Florida we have mini-seasons) other people do not look forward to the summer and all of its heat. Other people loathe the thought of the winter with it’s chill, gloom and for many bone-chilling cold and damp weather. The Ayurveda principles will help you through each season.

Winter –a Kapha season one of the three doshas. Kapha is held by the earth and water elements and is characters are heaviness, slowness, coldness, dryness. So if you find yourself living in a cold climate you tend to feel more isolated during winter months. Vata which is held by air and helps us with movement and communication will be a part of your cold winter.

You want to focus on eating warm, cooked and slightly oily well-spiced foods during these months. You want to drink room temperature or hot beverages and avoid iced and chilled drinks to increase your heat and circulation and opening up to cleaner and clear respiratory passages. This will also encourage your digestive track. Winter is a great time to treat yourself to a few ounces of dry red wine before or after dinner. If you have warm milk with a pinch of turmeric or dried ginger and nutmeg before bed you will encourage Mr.Sandman. You just want to avoid cold damp foods and really sweet foods and frozen foods.

Winter is also a great time to do a single day of fasting with either water or a juice you can tolerate as a cleanse.

If you find yourself feeling gloomy or depressed during the Kapha season you should spend some time in seated meditation working on your breath work and reading affirmations. Everything has a balance you just need to find your path.



Warming Up With Hatha Yoga!


Dear Friends,

The yoga “basics” that we see in a lot of different styles of yoga stem from the routines found in Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is an active yoga. Ha “sun” and Tha “moon”brings us balance.

Today we will go through a warm up that is sure to keep you energized before you head out into your day or to unwind after coming back home.

In this video, I demonstrate how we can also start our warm up with an intention and a candle lighting to calm your mind and allow the proper spirit in preparation for class.

This type of yoga is perfect for a beginner or if you are looking for that “key” component to add to another form of exercise Hatha might just be for you.

The poses that we go through are all part of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation

Mountain Pose

Forward Fold

Downward Dog

Upward Dog

Remember inhalation going up and exhalation going down!

Enjoy your Holiday season the right way with extra energy and repeat often!

Enjoy The Video Below click on “Hatha Yoga”

Enjoy Each Day With Much Love,

Kat of JYL Yoga


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