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The Mat S6 E8 “Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1-5” by Kat of JYL


Dear Friends,

“Demystifying Patanjali” was based on the wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda presented by his disciple- Swami Kriyananda as a basis for a balanced Yogi to study. It is important to understand that these interpretations can somehow get mixed up. As far as 1-5 is concerned it is a complex Sutra and one that you should take your time with learning.

Key Points

Vrittis= one’s self-developed inclinations (desires & attachments)

Some cause pain, some give pleasure.

*No self-definition can bring anyone happiness.

Sharing with others can only help to remove a layer of egoism from the giver’s consciousness.

We must try to overcome all self-definitions.

Our vrittis do not define us as we are; they only define us as we think we are.

We may tread the downward path to further suffering, or the upward, to eventual bliss in him.

Take what you can from each lesson and share your knowledge.




Pilates exercise incorporated into your work out routine



Who is Joseph Pilates exactly? I think you will enjoy this animation:

I spent the past week concentrating on Pilates original nicknamed Contrology by Mr.Pilates because of my fascination with his interest in concentrating on breathing and safe therapeutic movements.

I actually had to chuckle I just love this guy he had asthma which led him on his journey from a young age and after developing Pilates and writing his 2 books he also enjoyed a good cigar (shh don’t tell anyone)…

Seriously look at his regimen he was not playing around was he? Imagine kicking your kids off the couch no more Xbox until we see some Pilates the world would be a better place for future generations

Not only will you increase muscle tone and develop your core you will REALLY feel this even if you have been doing yoga ongoing.
I did a few different classes and this is the one I would start out with if you would like to give it a try.

I think this is great addition to any yoga practice to alternate and the fun part you can do most of this anywhere anytime just like yoga. Although he did create the Pilates Reformer if you find yourself hooked.

Namaste in Good Health!