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Yoga Sutra 1-10 “Sleep”


Dear Friends,

Today we discuss “Sleep”. In Yoga Sutra 1-10 Patanjali explains to us that we should sleep only as much as our body needs and that too much sleep is a drug.

The author further explains that Mantras have a calming effect on our mind

Try this exercise each day for a week at the exact same time:

As the author expressed:

We should mentally watch our breathe- don’t try to control it. Just let it flow.

As your breathe flows in mentally say to yourself “Hong”.

As your breathe flows out mentally say to yourself “Sau”.

Hong-Sau= bij, or seed, mantra.

As your mind calms your attention should be shifting to the flow of your breathe at the root of your nose, close to the seat of super consciousness between your eyebrows (3rd eye), into the forehead.