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The Mat S6 E5 Patanjali Sutra 1-2″Yoga is the neutralization of the vortices of feeling”



Dear Friends,

Welcome back to the Sutra review! Today we discuss Vritti= Eddy, vortex or “whirlpool” and how this affects your life. From Demystifying Patanjali Sutra 1-2:

“Our desires and attachments do not make our thoughts fluctuate so much, like waves, instead, we grip them to us just as a river’s current draws things to the center, we revolve our desires around our egos, as in a vortex”

Pretty strong stuff for us to focus on, but oh so helpful in the lessons of life. Basically, as long as we find ourselves pulled in both directions between what we desire and what life will have for us, we are inwardly divided and can never know peace. However, if we find God first in all things and direct our tendencies in one direction we are no longer denying that higher nature and this will lead us to that peace that was meant for us.

Vocab lesson:

Mon- mind- centered in the top of the head

Buddhi- intellect, centered between the eyebrows

Ahankara- ego, centered in the medulla oblongata

Chitta- feeling, centered in the heart

Take away:

Every desire must be neutralized. Yoga is the neutralization of every little vortices.

Yogananda says ” Desires, forever gratified, never satisfied”

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The Mat S6 E4 Patanjali Yoga Teachings: Sutra #1 “The subject now being offered is Yoga”


Dear Friends,

Join us as we review the teachings of Patanjali in the book review of  “Demystifying Patanjali”. To best understand what the “founder” of  Yogic teachings was trying to express when he created his masterpiece we will take an approach of going through each of the   Yoga Sutra’s (system of learning the eight limbs of yoga).

Patanjali is considered to have created the authoritative text on yoga in his classical writings during C 2d Century B.C.; The Yoga School of Indian Philosophy.

What we soon discover in the beginning of the book ” is that Patanjali did not offer any particular system or way of learning yoga. Instead, he teaches us in his writings as translated with the wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda there are stages in our journey which every “truth seeker” must travel.

Patanjali explains “Sankhya”  is meant to persuade people of the uselessness of seeking fulfillment through physical senses. Our physical bodies are not our true self.  Sutras are a meditative discovery of liberation consisting of these eight steps of yoga.