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How To Meditate A Book Review Part #3


Dear Friends,

Did you ever look at someone else and think to yourself “Wow, he or she really seems calm and relaxed?”. Let’s talk about Samatha or “calming the mind”. Join us as we dig into part #3 discussion on this absolutely joyous book “How To Meditate” by Pema Chodron.

What is Samatha aka Shamatha meditation really all about?

Well, calm abiding it is about training your mind. Samatha (calm) is a prerequisite of concentration. Buddha taught that through breathing techniques we can establish mindfulness which will bring us insight and wisdom.

The Buddha has said that you gain two things from meditative practice:

Samatha aka Shamatha: Calm Abiding (steady the mind)

Vipassana: Insight (able to see and explore)

Join us to review Pema’s thoughts on the process of Shamatha

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Summer Book Review:How To Meditate Part#2 by JYL


Dear Friends,

We are doing a great book review on “How To Meditate:” by Pema Chodron.

As we prepare to meditate we need some basic tools. Today we will review more in depth preparing our paths so that we can begin.

Six Points Of Posture:

Seat-Find a stable base

Hands- Resting them on your thighs (resting the mind mudra)

Torso- Upright but relaxed, visualize a straight line from the top of your head to the cushion underneath you

Eyes-Eyes open to further wakefulness

Face- Mouth slightly open to relax the face and neck

Legs- Crossed comfortably in front of you

Remember to do a full body scan. Stand up and take a deep inhale and exhale. Begin to scan through each part of your body observing how each area feels in the present.

Start with your feet. (Page #27 of the book)

If you are just joining us please go back to Part #1 and watch the video.

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