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Simple Beach Yoga Warm Up


Simple Beach Morning Yoga Warm Up

jyl-logoDear Friends,

It’s funny to think a month ago this weekend I was caressing the beautiful tropical waters of my favorite beach with one of my besties in the world Ft. Zachary Taylor Park in Key West. I wanted to give you the soothing sounds from that magical place so I made a simple warm up for you to follow at home for your mornings.

As a travel agent and writer I’ve traveled to a lot of places Europe,Central and South America, most of the Caribbean more than once and out of all of that travel my absolute favorite place in the world is to be at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, Florida in that water. This park is not really known to tourists with the exception of the smart ones and it is over by the Naval base and is kept fantastically clean as State Parks in Florida go.

Not only do you have the turquoise warm and sometimes almost clear waters of the Atlantic combined with the Gulf you are at the tip of the Southern most point you can go without setting sail to Cuba!

I have so many fond memories there. I would ride my bike from my house on Petronia Street in the Meadows over to the park every day after work and watch my husband snorkel off to the rocks to feed the waiting fish the year that we lived there. I have spent afternoons just reading and writing and listening to dynamite tunes on that beach. I have shared many a fun and sometimes serious conversations with my dear friends on that sand. I’ve sat there and watched the large cruise ships, yachts and sail boats come and go daily seemingly close enough to climb aboard. I have kicked back a few cold ones too over the years and thanked my lucky stars I found this hidden treasure which for me became home.

In 2011 my son was able to come down for part of the summer and I watched him as a teenager having fun at the beach. I’ve seen weddings performed there small and so large where they rented out the entire side of the beach with live bands playing. I’ve heard many a foreign voice talking in groups in the water usually more than one language could be heard in any given corner of the sand or water (those were the smart tourists that figured out where it was instead of drinking it up on Duval all day).

I’ve watched yoga groups gather there first thing in the morning and meditate and exercise in the glory of the beauty that surrounds them. I’ve done many a practice of my own and grown spiritually there sitting there staring off into the ocean beyond the sunshine just being grateful for all of his blessings.

It is so important to warm up prior to any real intense exercise. It is also a great practice that when your muscles are warmed up to stretch out as part of your cool down if doing aerobic exercise of any kind.

The benefits are endless. You will notice your stress level decreasing, your energy increasing as your body thanks you for that 10 minute daily rejuvenation time.

Working on one section of the body at a time will help you to be more flexible in that area but remember what you do on one side repeat on the other.

I am going to say something that is on my mind and I wish no offense to any of my followers but I don’t understand why we have a problem with obesity in this country.

We all know the answers. It is up to the person to have enough self confidence and love for him/herself to want to try and seek medical advise and get on a greater path to changing their lives.

As for our kids we just have to raise them to be active, eat right and get the right amount of sleep. Parents, if that means taking away the electronics and privileges , then do it.

I just know that some of the people I come upon or know from my past personally are suffering with weight issues and I just want to tell them I too had problems maybe not weight but health and I had to make that choice 19 years ago of who I was going to be.

To my friends hear me now, #1 “You are worth it” , #2 “You can change your life”, and mostly please know that “You are loved”.

I hope that my encouragement makes them realize what I know to be true, they can change who they want to be, it’s never too late, it’s all a matter of the heart.

Until Next Time Namaste In Good Health,







Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Bark


Vday Bark

jyl-logoDear Friends,

It is during the colder months of the year that I like to bake and it is also a great time for deeper studies. This month we finish up the Awakening Your Heart book review and what an awesome inspiring book it truly was. I have attached the easy ten minute recipe for you on the Valentine’s Day Bark and the video to finish up the book.

I just have to share that most of you have been with me at least three to five years on here but by doing this book review/video sessions I have to mention we now gained 25 new followers in the past two months. I appreciate your comments and emails so welcome and thank you for being a part of something bigger then we realized it might ever become.

In reviewing this book and giving my two cents as well as listening to others comments and thoughts on the subject matter I have to say it is so interesting that in a world as large as ours that at the end of the day we all really have similar struggles and feelings.

I’ve been watching a series Rome an older HBO series from 2005-2007 and looking back the Romans too shared the same life and relationship situations just in a different era and with an entirely different set of rules. It’s a very good series to watch by the way follows history to some degree with the added for good ratings television parts of course.

I have been suffering with my arthritis and other health issues for a long time and I have always been a warrior since starting yoga in 1997. I started a new treatment this month, this has really put a change in my exercise practices but not in my determination for good health and a positive spiritual path. My point in sharing this is to say to you that we can each find our practice daily whether it is physical or meditative or a little of each or just by doing a good deed for another being. Yoga is bliss, remember that and may you find your yoga of the day.

I have been reading “The Science of Yoga” By William Broad and have decided that will become our next book review so please pick up a copy at Amazon Kindle or buy the hard covered book like I did and dig in (to the bark and the book of course).

Until Next Time Stay Warm My Friends,


Valentines Bark

Awakening The Heart The Final Chapters Review Video