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Merry Christmas



Dear Friends,

As you sit around the fireplace, light the candles and reminiscence this holiday season I wish you every happiness. Join us in part 7  where we discuss matters of the heart more closely to find your inner peace.



Please click here for Part 7 video:

Part 7




One Minute Booty Boot Camp Prasarita Padottanasana


Dear Friends,

Here is another quick one minute exercise you can practice at home:

Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend

Prasarita Padottanasana

Start in Mountain pose hop your feet apart 3-4 feet depending on how tall you are

Use blocks if you have them for support placing them in front of your inner ankles

Come down folding forward like in table top with a flat back with an exhale

Rest your hands on the blocks and lift your inner arches pressing the outer edge of your feet and your big toe into the mat

Engage your thigh muscles by drawing them up inward

Inhale and life your chest leaning more in the front but not over doing it find the happy place lose in the middle

Inhale and Exhale, lean your torso more forward from the hip

Extend you elbows while pressing your inner palms actively into your blocks or the floor (advanced)

Draw your shoulders back away from your ears

Hold with inhalations and exhalations lengthening your time in the pose as you progress

Gently come back up with inhalation


pra-sa-REE-tah pah-doh-tahn-AHS-anna)
prasarita = stretched out, expanded, spread, with outstretched limbs
pada = foot
ut = intense
tan = to stretch or extend (compare the Latin verb tendere, “to stretch or extend”)


Happy  Day!,


Awakening The Heart Part #6 By: Kat of JYL



Happy Hanukkah and soon to be a Merry Christmas! As we continue in our series on Awakening the Heart Yoga book review/learning session I want to invite you if you have never learned about yoga to start your New Year off with us by joining and following our blog.

I have been a NESTA Sport Yoga Instructor for ten years and I have been a student of yoga for 19 years this winter. It was a health situation at 27 years old that first started me on the path to exercise and it was intervention that led me to find yoga in my Pennsylvania Chalet on a freezing cold winters day back in 1997.

Fast forward almost 2 decades and I find myself an even more dedicated student and now a teacher of this beautiful world of yoga. I credit Yoga to helping me to be stronger with my rheumatoid arthritis and to cope with issues relating to my blood disease.

It is with passion that I study the philosophy of yogic and also different religious customs and beliefs. I believe that we should not become fixated to one way of thinking as to do so makes us lose out on all the glorious possibilities of life.

Awakening the Heart is a book I have found last summer at a thrift store and the whole series of books that I found that day were treasures. In each book someone else had written in and related to with the same passion for learning and understanding about human nature and how to live life.

In our house we celebrate Chrismukkah as my spouse is Jewish and I celebrate Christianity’s Christmas as born a Catholic and later converted to a Baptist and now I guess you can say I am non-denominational as an ordained minister and notary. I will be wrapping up this year by performing a wedding on New Year’s eve, how lucky am I to marry  that beautiful couple and for them to pick that night!

I asked Santa for a yoga swing to start using for aerial yoga practice and boy did Santa deliver and early too. I thought it would be neat to share some exercise classes in 2016  with you so you can see if it is something you might like to try at home.


Santa went to extra trouble and found me a strong swing and put it together for me out by our pool so I can do my yoga outside in the sunshine. One of the many perks of Floridian life.

Although I have been out of the woods many years and away from the cold weather that I once found myself cursing at I can still remember that day when I first found a yoga class on my television in the Chalet that forever changed who I would become.

Make 2016 your destiny year to add more time for study,exercise and reflection it is the best gift you can receive and share and it was given to us by the ancient more wise then we could even begin to understand.

Enjoy the video on part #6 of the book. This year as I light the candles (yes I found out after it is right to left we had it wrong still learning) and I celebrate all the holidays I remember to take time for reflection and to give thanks to above. I wish you all the best in your holiday festive time and hope you do take time to reflect on your own life and for the new comers or those on the fence about change just listen and then ask yourself how you would benefit from opening up to this great journey in learning as I have.

The answers are all inside of you,


Watch video here:

Awakening The Heart Video Part 6

5 Countries, 2 Islands in 12 Days

5 Countries, 2 Islands in 12 Days

Dear Friends,

Kat n Ira’s South America Trip Video

It is always a pleasure to share my journey with you. We were lucky enough to score Spirit airline miles as part of a promotion and we saved up and went to South America for the 1st time. As a travel agent an old hobby of mine we also scored a 7 day cruise at an unheard of price. Your money travels well in South American 50,000,000 Colombian Pesos equals $17 US. We played and dined like queens and kings for next to nothing.

If you have ever walked down the streets of NYC you will find it similar. Full of life, people heading in all different directions and unlicensed vendors trying to sell you everything. Yes much like being in NYC with a twist they don’t speak a word of English. They will try but it’s their country learn their language right?

We took refresher Spanish online (if anyone needs a good teacher I will pass on her contact info). Between Ira and myself we did okay. I don’t think we suffered with too much of a language barrier once we were acclimated a few days. We speak Spanglish basically. However, we also decided when we got back to continue with our lessons to improve.

We flew to Cartagena,Columbia and stayed in the walled old city for awhile. The next leg of the trip was the cruise we went to Curacao (which is a favorite holiday place for us we have been twice before by plane). Then we went to Bonaire for the first time where Ira went diving. This is more an ecological friendly vacation destination. The next stop was Aruba (AWESOME excursion you’ll see us on the Banana boat and slides so fun) and then to Colon, Panama where we did not venture off the ship as the excursions were 7 hours a piece and we were wiped out! Upon our return to Cartagena we stayed in BocaGrande along the beach and were able to see other parts of Cartagena.

I hope you enjoy this video we try to keep it real.

Where will we head to next well we will have to wait and see but we have ideas.

Everyday is a journey,