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Dear Friends,

I talk to you about a project that I am involved in with St.John’s Children’s Orphanage the organization is out of Alberta Canada. It is near and dear to my heart. I work with the program director Rhonda to send letters, friendship, guidance, gifts,clothes, goodies and an ear to listen to for the 50 children in the orphanage.We have also quickly bonded among ourselves in this mission.

Rhonda heads up so much this is her 2nd year. She works to raise funding to improve the quality of life at the Orphanage with sending over slightly used clothing twice a year, shoes, snacks and doing important major things like trying to raise books and such to build a library and funds to pay someone there to set up the computer center so the children can reach us via internet as part of their pen pal program. The computers are sitting there waiting for someone to set this computer lab up.

The Nashi foundation (Canada) working for a similar cause is also doing wonderful things in the Ukraine. They deal with the prevention of human trafficking. They have built and now opened in 2014 The Maple Leaf Safe House to house 15-20 young women as they age out of the intranet (7-17 yr old Orphanages).

When they age out they have 2 options. If they are a “true orphan” meaning no living parents the Ukraine government allows them vouchers enough to go to secondary schooling with it being paid for and I believe some type of basic housing help.

The other orphans who have living parents are basically just set out on their own at 17 and told to go find a job and a place to live etc. They leave with nothing. They are there because their family although they work still can’t afford to take care of them or maybe the parents are sick, or the children are sick  and the parents can’t seek medical help,many different reasons.

Most of the children end up in prostitution, human trafficking is most common and the young men often end up in jail as they have to steal to survive as no one will hire them from the Intranet/Orphanage as they have not been taught any life skills that are of practical use to the hiring companies.

There are a few places they can seek refuge if they are lucky, but for most that is unheard of.

We at St.John’s are working to change that, we are striving to teach them while they are young and enable them to be confident and prepared to face the often cold reality when they turn 17. It is our hope to lift them up and love them and strengthen them with positive motivation. The truth is the kids often motivate us the most as they are truly loving and very precious.

Like I always say, there is something we can each do. No matter how small. What can you do?

Don’t mail your money in an envelope to some cause you don’t know, get involved and make sure the money and gifts are helping reach those who need it most. St.John’s project really can use your help whatever you can offer to do.

If your interested in helping please comment or email me for further information.



Please see this video it will really explain it more than I could ever:



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