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The 4th Chakra : The Heart Chakra


Dear Friends,

Today we go fourth in our Chakra series. We dive right in with the 4th Chakra “Anahata” translated in Sanskrit which is referring to”The Heart.” If we are unbalanced in our heart Chakra then we are usually unable to give and receive love. Whether we have a strong inability to love others or to appreciate things in our lives. The heart Chakra resides in our circulatory system; heart.So if you know of a person whom is seemingly depressed orĀ  even just isolating themselves that is a sure bet that they have imbalance in that area. We need to learn to overcome any blockages especially in that area and meditation is a good way to begin.We should all accept that we are capable of love and worthy of receiving it, just let it in.



Fun Facts:

The heart Chakra element is air and it’s color is green.