Monthly Archives: October 2014

Restorative Yoga


Dear Friends,

I have not been on the yoga blog lately because I had an knee/let injury occurrence 15 days ago out of nowhere that ended me up in a bad way. I am healing slowly the best I can and I miss my mat. The Doctors have some idea of which way going forward to focus on my situation but this is a process and will take testing and time. Right now I can’t stand up very long, sit very long, concentrate very long you get the picture I am not myself.

So that is why I have not been studying,teaching, blogging or do anything much. However, I think that the introduction to Yin Yoga this fall was a great idea as now that may be all I can do for quite some time and I am glad I can continue learning and sharing. See no matter what our situation we can still practice yoga on some level. The mediation is surely what got me through a lot of the pain so far and when it happened I was able to breathe through the pain but I had to remember and tell myself to breathe which is sort of funny considering I knew that but just goes to show when we are put to the test in life.

I love music and it is very relaxing and healing. I love all music but I have my favorites. Tracy Chapman is one of them and so today this video and this song are just really awesome and I wanted to say hi to everyone and just update you on where my blog went for the past few weeks.

I will be back blogging in action and hope to share some fun winter aromatherapy and ayurvedic recipes and idea with you soon.

Thankfully I did make some videos in August and September before the injury so we will be posting them soon too.

Be well my yogis,