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The Finish line .. tomorrow marks day 40 Global Sadhana Restoring Your Power



Dear Friends and Students

Wow day #39 and I am elated. I am just “high” on energy and I truly feel the “prana” Adi-Shakti at work in the universe.
All of the letters pouring in and pictures of the beautiful captures of daily life in every city, state and country touch our hearts immensely.
I want to thank Nirinjan and the Kaur family each for their insight into this training that they have shared with us from Spirit Voyage.

As we wind down to the closing I find myself with a better understanding of just what “40” days of repeated mantra meditation can do for a person.
I have experienced ups and downs during this transformation period. The loss of a friend/student as well as some personal family matters and just a time of reflection on my past and present. I was able to come away with this reminding myself of the fact that we need to be “in the present” always, as Buddha reminds us –

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

I was also compelled by this transformation to remind myself although we can’t dictate the relationships we have in our life when it comes to certain people; we each have the strength to look at those who are behaving badly and acknowledge their behaviors and not to get wrapped or caught up in their negative drama.

Most importantly I was led to want to take on the next 40 day Sadhana starting on July 8th which works nicely so we will continue at that time.

If you have not done this Global Sadhana let me just say it is available anytime to start on your own. If you need a hand or have questions or just need someone to check in on your progress as always I love to hear from my friends.

As my son graduates high school and tech school this week and I have the fortune to witness his life in progress and a reunion with my family. I remember my mantras and I thank God for all of my blessings.

SatNam Namaste

Teacher: Nirinjan Kaur
Start Date: May 17th, 2014
End Date: June 25th, 2014

Complete Mantra:
Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo

I bow to (or call on) the primal power.
I bow to (or call on) the all encompassing power and energy.
I bow to (or call on) that through which God creates.
I bow to (or call on) the creative power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power.

More Information:
The Adi Shakti Mantra tunes one into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to the primal protective, generating energy. It is said that chanting it eliminates fears and fulfills desires.
Meditation Instructions

“This mantra invokes the [Creativity] that is in each of us and that is the power of creative manifestation throughout the Universe. As you open your self to this constant creative becoming and movement of the Universe, you move naturally to drop insecurity, and move beyond blocks that come from a more limited perspective. In this meditation you sit with and embody the primal, constant creative power of the Universe.”
~Gurucharan Singh

How to Do the Adi Shakti Meditation: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine. Place your hands in front of the heart center with the arms parallel to the floor. Both palms face down with the left palm 2-3 inches above the right hand. Focus your eyes open or closed as you wish. Chant the mantra “Adi Shakti”. Chant as long as you like. We love 11 minutes or more.


Day 20 Global Sadhana



Dear Students and friends,

We are arriving at the half way point on our global adventure.

Enjoy this tonight as we celebrate.

Thank you for your commitment I know you are starting to feel the glow from this mantra as I am 🙂



In Memory Of Joy



Dear Students and Friends,
Today is day #19 of our Sadhana tomorrow marks the half way point.
Today we lost a dear friend and student. She has been called home unexpectedly.

It sadness my heart to see her go to her creator so soon but I believe he chooses when it is our time and he doesn’t want that anyone should suffer.
I must share with you that just 3 days short of her death she reached out to me about her recent understandings. She asked if there was anything else she could be doing for her health and emotional well being. I told her for now just to follow and listen to the meditation even if it was only 3 minutes that she could follow just to follow and listen if nothing more it will help as she gets through her treatments.

As sick as she was feeling she had an enlightened break through. She told in an email of how she now understands what the suffering sick feel like and that she was going to volunteer her time to try to help them once she was stronger.

Then I open my daily email this one R. Kaur writes to us today and I think yes, we need to be doing this. All of us need to be living, following our goals, dreams, trying, achieving, doing and follow the path. No procrastination is allowed or tolerated that is my motto that I live by and I encourage you as well.

Joy, this one’s for you tonight safe passage I know they have reserved a special place up there for you.


From today’s Sadhana-
The time has come for you to be you — a beautiful, bountiful, blissful human.” -Yogi Bhajan

The time has come for us all to step into our power, to restore the dreams that we have cast aside, and begin our new adventures. Everything that we need is already within us, for we have been especially equipped to walk the journey only we can walk in this lifetime. Feel the presence of the Adi Shakti within you, urging you on. You are beautiful, bountiful and blissful. She knows it, and its time you did, too. R Kaur