Transformative Power for 2014



Dear Students and Friends
Happy New Year!
I hope that each of you is faring well on this first day of the new beginning to 2014, remember there are 365 days to work on your practice. It is my wish for you that you find all the happiness and joy during this year and that you roll up your sleeves and dig deep into your practice whether it be adding more physical activity or spiritual or my favorite a lot of both.

We all need positive change in our life and encouragement. I would like to tell you about a warrior goddess of strength “Durga”.

Durga is the warrior goddess of Indian mythology. She is a symbol of strength. Some might question why would we study Hindu mythology as part of our practice. The answer is simple all of the deities harvest energies that we need. Goddesses personify Shakti which is the feminine force and the power behind spiritual growth important as you meditate.

When you call upon Durga you are unlocking what is inside of “you”. Although mythic goddess images represent real forces present around you.The mantras associated with each one will help you to feel their presence.

You will see Durga typically dons a spear, mace, discus, a bow and a sword and let’s not forget her conch,lotus and her rosary beads. Her face ws formed out of the light of Shiva; her hair comes from Yama whom is the God of death, her arms are from Vishnu who gave her balance and Vayu the wind God offered her his bow and arrow. Most recognizable is the lion you may see her riding which was from the mountain God Himalaya.

With all of her feminine power and masculine tool box Durga fights demons not only externally but any inner forces that we feel blocked by during our journey to enlightenment.

Durga is a deity to call on for energy during meditation but also remember her when you need a friend if ever your in trouble and she promises to always appear when we need her to protect the world.

It is important to stay true to your passion for yoga. If you found yourself off of your mat during the holidays or if you’ve never sat down on one today is a great day to start.

Sending you enlightenment and power for the New Year and always.


About Kat Wendorf

Kathleen Wendorf is a certified NESTA sports yoga instructor located in Central Florida. Kathleen has studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Yin and Kundalini yoga as well as others. Kathleen is also a writer who has been featured on The Morning Show. She invites you to bookmark and follow her blog to learn inspirational yoga. You can also visit Amazon to find other books on yoga and travel savings as well as her children's books and fictional novels. Kathleen has a mission to share as much as she can with her yoga friends. Please feel free to reach out to her at any time for any comments or questions.

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