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Building your endurance with Vinyasa



Dear Students and friends,

With a vinyasa yoga practice you will start to not only feel better emotionally and physically but three months into your practice you will see results in your core.

Vinyasa can be challenging and I promise you if you’re not being challenged then you’re doing it too lightly.

That is not to say jump in heavy as the body tells us its limitations. You need to always warm up a good number of sun salutations prior to anything beyond that.

It is the breath that will guide you along and it the repetition of your movements that will build your core strength.

The essential thing to remember for every pose there is action, for every action there is reaction. So just moving in one direction will not create positive change in the body.
To have extension we need to build foundation or “core”.
Every pose offers the opportunity for extension as each pose has a base or foundation.
You can’t skip sides if you want to bring stability to the pose.
This foundation building process is similar to a mason laying bricks he has to have a pattern he can’t skip a few bricks here and there his building would not support itself.
The same for your joints to have space in between them equal and opposing sides need to stretch properly thus lengthening of the muscle as you learn correct form.

Have fun start slow and work yourself at your own level always come back to the breath and remember childs pose if you need a break take it.
Eventually by the second month your stamina will increase if you practice at least four times per week. By the third month you can push a little further on the mat until you feel slight resistance then stay focused on perfecting your breathing during those challenging postures and don’t try further poses until you grasp the core salutations.
Month four your core should be well established. Please remember to drink plenty of water get six to eight hours of sleep and make sure your properly fueling your body.
It is your temple 🙂





Dear Students and Friends
I will start this post with a quote from one of my favorite artists and I can’t wait to see her live in concert this summer. My husband reminded me of this song he heard while at the gym and I thought gosh I know these lyrics and yes it was Gaga.
Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother fucker’s reflection.”

― Lady Gaga

This subject is very personal to me on many levels as it is the core of our character development. Clearly how does a person grow in their spiritual journey in life without the basics of love, faith, integrity , honesty, and trust? The answer is simple you just won’t. Sure you may think you are fine but the reality is your just barely getting by in life and eventually you start to fossilize and ferment and for those with bad karmic acts they will reap what they sow eventually never becoming one tenth of whom you were destined to be without those things.

It isn’t rocket science. Love everyone and pray for those that you can’t seem to find love for because they need it more than you know. Tell the truth, treat people as you wish to be treated or better, be upfront and open and most importantly please trust that you are not alone in things of this lifetime even on your worse moment. Here is a great chant “I am at one with the universe and this too shall pass”.

The sad part is many of us suffer with these basics. Some of us even pay professionals to tell us this fact. I’ll save you some money. I find myself struggling with trust issues on and off the mat. Proof being when I went zip lining in Costa Rica I yanked that brake for all it was worth not “trusting” in my guide to slow me down to stop without slamming into the next tree top at 5000′.
So for me it is having to have control and control is merely fictional as any spiritual person knows “we are certainly not in control”.

However, when we study heart opening Kundalini yoga as well as through our mediation and mantras through time with disciplined study we release all of those inadequacies and fears that hold us back as we learn to “trust” in the abundant flow of the universe.

Just hit the mat!

WAHEGURU or Vahiguru also spelt and pronounced Vahguru,
Modern scholars affirm that the name Vahiguru originated with the Gurus, most likely it was first used by the founder of the faith, Guru Nanak, himself. According to this view, Vahiguru is a compound of two words, one from Persian and the other from Sanskrit, joined in a symbiotic relationship to define the indefinable, indescribable Ultimate Reality.

Clear Focus



Dear Students and Friends
As a new year begins it is a wonderful opportunity to clear out anything that may be blocking you. You may say “Well how do I know if I am being blocked?”. Truly you will know it whether you are off task in completing projects or maybe you are experience fatigue. Even if your not currently being blocked this is a great “focus” exercise for yogis when meditating.

In the previous blog we discussed “Durga” one of the great deities in Hindu mythology.
It is said to call upon her when your energy is down or in need of help such as a crisis.
But what about creating your own energy source? Find the Durga in you.

Try this mantra in seated pose with your eyes closed shut and your hands in prayer position at your ajna or 3rd eye:

Repeat this mantra
“I am a point of sacrificial fire, held within the fiery will of God.”

Continue repeating this mantra over and over and you will be awakened with more energy. Continue repeating it and throw everything into the fire in your mind. Throw your present and your past experiences into the fire. Throw your failures, your success, your feelings empty it all into this fire.

This conversion of all that you desire all that you perceive becomes an offering. You go from material to spiritual this is your vehicle to transcend there. This is where you find bliss.

If you like the idea of manifesting power and energy are interested in a longer “Durga” experience try this video below remember you can do 5 minutes a day or an hour I suggested you start out slow.
The key is to reach within to empty out the old and make way to bring in the light.


Transformative Power for 2014



Dear Students and Friends
Happy New Year!
I hope that each of you is faring well on this first day of the new beginning to 2014, remember there are 365 days to work on your practice. It is my wish for you that you find all the happiness and joy during this year and that you roll up your sleeves and dig deep into your practice whether it be adding more physical activity or spiritual or my favorite a lot of both.

We all need positive change in our life and encouragement. I would like to tell you about a warrior goddess of strength “Durga”.

Durga is the warrior goddess of Indian mythology. She is a symbol of strength. Some might question why would we study Hindu mythology as part of our practice. The answer is simple all of the deities harvest energies that we need. Goddesses personify Shakti which is the feminine force and the power behind spiritual growth important as you meditate.

When you call upon Durga you are unlocking what is inside of “you”. Although mythic goddess images represent real forces present around you.The mantras associated with each one will help you to feel their presence.

You will see Durga typically dons a spear, mace, discus, a bow and a sword and let’s not forget her conch,lotus and her rosary beads. Her face ws formed out of the light of Shiva; her hair comes from Yama whom is the God of death, her arms are from Vishnu who gave her balance and Vayu the wind God offered her his bow and arrow. Most recognizable is the lion you may see her riding which was from the mountain God Himalaya.

With all of her feminine power and masculine tool box Durga fights demons not only externally but any inner forces that we feel blocked by during our journey to enlightenment.

Durga is a deity to call on for energy during meditation but also remember her when you need a friend if ever your in trouble and she promises to always appear when we need her to protect the world.

It is important to stay true to your passion for yoga. If you found yourself off of your mat during the holidays or if you’ve never sat down on one today is a great day to start.

Sending you enlightenment and power for the New Year and always.