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Costa Rica


Hi everyone been gone awhile and wanted to update you with the adventure.
I can see why many of the Yoga retreats are offered in Costa Rica after being through almost two thirds of the country. Yes it is like the size of WV but you can’t drive it as such.
Enjoy the video.
For the very first time in a long time I was able to wrap up all business and go on an extended vacation with my wonderful best friend and husband Ira.

Anyone that knows me knows I am type A and crazy enough to run a few different businesses part time and work full time for another company which is way too much thus needed the vacay…

I was so surprised that I could manage to get away long enough to take off go off on the best jammed packed vacation where I:
* Did not slow down (LOL)
* The first night in Arenal I Was invited to the back kitchen by the owner of the restaurant to not only watch while he made my Pineapple Flambe but he had me do shots of his moonshine juice that even his beautiful Spanish daughters would not join us in. What do they put in that stuff LOL
*Had a chocolate wrap and massage at the spa
*Visited 25 hot springs and I do mean HOT
*Sat back and watched the Volcano from my hacienda and Ira got one of the actual clearest images they have seen all year
*Went on a Chocolate tour and learned how it is made A-Z
*Drove through and around Lake Arenal (aka got lost on the way to the beach hacienda)
* l was able to sit and start writing my next book on my hacienda in PEACE and QUIET =PRICELESS
* Horseback riding through Ricon Valley Volcano
* Zip-lining 5000′ above the tree tops OMG
* More HOT springs
* Beach,pool,beach
* Got lost in a part of town where nobody spoke English with 12′ fences and Constantine wire
* Casino Gambling where you actually win when you put in money and my first motorized Roulette wheel such a deal
* Listened to live music under the stars
There was probably more I am just exhausted listing it all

Anyhow here’s the video Merry Christmas, remember that everything we say and do matters and go to sleep tonight with love and respect for yourself and for one another. In all his glory, Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Costa Rica Pura Vida!

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