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Monday Warm Up



Dear Students and Friends.
Okay so I live in Sunny Florida for the warm air temperature but today I must confess along with the rest of the nation we are getting chilly out there.

Monday always seems to drag on forever and there is barely any energy to even attempt to do one more thing after such a grueling day but here’s the thing, you have to be good to yourself and that means stretching out your body even if just for a few minutes.

Try this one when your in a hurry.
Happy Turkey Week
Remember to give thanks you have food on your table some don’t even have a warm bed.


Toe stretch



Dear students and friends,

It’s amazing how much we utilize our feet. I mean think about it say you were your feet… Put yourself in their shoes wouldn’t you agree they deserve a break, a reward especially after working all day now you are expected to exercise man it’s just not fair!

Behold, the amazing foot workout….

Try this on for size,



Yin Yoga



Dear Students and friends,

The practice of Yin yoga is a perfect Sunday week starter routine.
Keeping in line with our discussion on restorative practice Yin yoga is the perfect choice.
When you dedicate your pactice to an internal desire whether it be to become stronger, gracefull, appreciative or maybe you seek patience or wisdom, regardless you set the intention that you willing to self improve on some level.
The second thing we should do is dedicate our practice to an external subject such as a cause or a person whom would benefit from our intention.
In some way it can be thought of as a prayer or simply a well being wish for others if prayer is not your thing.

When we clear our mind and concentrate only on the inhalation and the journey that breathe takes to our targeted pose then we work that area of our body and clean out whafever stagant energy that is blocking you in ways you may not even realize.

Yes you will find it hard to only focus on the breathe that is because we are full of stimulation all of the time with electronics and a busy daily agenda.
It takes time and devotion to practicing breathe techniques and learning to control your thought patterns.

One major benefit of doing restorative postures is that you can begin to feelnthe areas of your body that may require attention.
We all have aches and pains in certain areas of our body whether it be lower back, shoukder blades, knees or maybe it is your head if you suffer from migranes or have any sort of physical impairement.

The other area restorative yoga addresses is our hearts. You will see a lot of fish pose practice in any restorative class.
I know if I went around a classroom and spoke to each one of you separately that each person has something on their minds and in their hearts that could benefit from release.
It’s almost a sure bet if I was to place one.
Yoga practice enables you to address those needs in a focused environment. So the next time your fidgetting and anxious on that mat remember this is because your body is your best counselor it is telling you that you need to work through whatever it is that ails you.
The best part is at the exact time that your working your body your also working you mind and spirit.





Dear Students and friends,

You know how somedays it feels like things seem to never end one thing piles into ten?

Well it is a good practice to do a restorative yoga practice when you experience those type of days.

Me:personally being a mixture of personality types A and B regrettably more A then mellow type B had one of those days today and reminded myself of this very important winding down exercise regimen and due to the rainy day hit my indoor mat.

Try it out you’ll enjoy it especially remember to give thanks this month and have gratitude for all of your heallthy blessings