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Monday Madness



Dear Students and friends,

You know I can never emphasis the importance of warm up or cool down with exercise loud enough,
It’s Monday and your pressed for time along with a quick exercise high try this tonight like I did.


Guru Kat


The benefits of stretching



Dear Students and friends,

You will hear me say that your body requires a certain amount of “warm up” time during exercise.
Stretching can also in itself be an entire practice.
Here is a nice easy fifeteen minute routine for this class.

Begin on your mat feet hip distance apart do about five standing sun salutations

Move to table top position on your knees and start cat/cow combination for five breathes

Now spice it up to standing sun salutation down to rag doll hold one minute before releasing into down dog

Hold your dog and really release both knees and move your head side to side

When your ready move into half pigeon

Always remembering the key is to work each side and hold your pose 30-60 seconds or longer

Tonight hold it longer really let your hips open up :-)

Here is some nice music to set the mood

Dedicated Practice



Dear Students and friends,

Today my brother Larry came to my mat with me, no not physically because he’s 1275 miles due North of sunny Florida. He came with me in spirit.
See I dedicate each practice everynday to someone or sometimes a group of people.
It is good that we offer our practice up for a cause. Today it was simply missing my older brother and knowing that he felt sick per his Face Book page wanting to wish him health and let him know I was thinking of him.

Try to dedicate your efforts in practice to someone or for a good cause and you will not only exercise harder as you think about your dedication but just maybe that person will in someway receive your gift of healing and have a better day the next day.