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Balancing Energy Flow



Dear Students and Friends,

In life we often have to learn to balance our energies. This helps us to get through daily tasks and to achieve our goals. Today we will talk a little about how to do this.The channels through which Prana  (life force) flow are called “nadis”. Your body has 72,000 “nadis”. Kudalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine-sushumna. Kudalini will not rise unless the two energies prana and apana, positive and negative are balanced at the base of the chakra. Prana travels downward and apana travels upwards meeting at the solar plexus activating the sushumna which stimulates Kundalini.

The 3 main nadis are:
Ida nadi (left of the spinal column)-Lunar energy-eliminates waste
Pingala nadi (right of the spinal column)-Prana energy and heat
Sushumna nadi-(center)-Primary channel for Kundalini

Earlier on we had a lesson in the “Muladhara” chakra -root chakra. In this practice today we learn “Rock Pose” or “Root Rock”

1) Sit on your heels, spine straight, relax your hands in your lap or on your upper thighs
2) Breath long deep inhalations and exhalations through your nostrils

The most powerful way to activate the nadis are through sound-mantra is perfect as we have vibration.
To balance energy flow and raise Kundalini we sit in root lock, practice breath control and mental focus.
Our energies meet at the base chakra and stimulate Kundalini

Please practice this following meditation for the next 11 days and you will begin to experience awakening.


Going Inward



Dear Students and  friends,

Today we will do our first sitting in chant exercise as part of your daily practice when time allows you should try to incorporate meditation into your exercise ritual.

First sit in a comfortable cross legged position (easy pose)

You can either take one deep breath and begin to exhale chanting the entire mantra in one breath or take a half-breath and begin half of the chant using to full breaths during a one sentence chant.

I am going to break down the chant wording to explain it as we start.

 “ONG  “is similar to OM which is to create energy

“NMAO” pronounced  “NAH MOH”  is similar to Namaste or I bow to you

“GURU” is your inner teacher sometimes also referred to as your instructor

“DEV” pronounced ” Dave”  means transparent so when you chant you are calling to the divine teacher within

and end with NAMO

I want you to pull your navel in as you chant out loud “ONG” and feel the vibration behind the nose practice:

“ONG”, “ONG”, “ONG”

The first syllable of “GURU” is short and the second is long practice out load like this “GUUUUUU” “RU” roll the “r” at the roof of your mouth to activate reflex points that connect the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands to neutralize your mind.

Chant the full mantra 3 times out loud




Now sing it with your heart and soul, sing it over and over and over and over, let it embrace you bring your intention to your practice and dedicate yourself to your yoga.

I bow to the infinite creative energy , I bow to you my inner teacher.



The second Chakra Swadhisthana



Dear Students and Friends,
Today we will discuss chakra #2 moving up the body or Swadhisthana “dwelling place of the self” also sometimes referred to in Tibetan tradition as “the secret place”. The second chakra is associated with reproduction as well as directly linked to the testes and ovaries, which produce the hormones testosterone or estrogen very important factors in sexual behavior aka “the private or secret place”. This chakra is also responsible for our creativity.This chakra is also associated with our taste especially sweet tastes.

The location of the 2nd chakra is near your tailbone just two finger widths sitting above chakra #1 the Muladhara chakra. Swadhisthana is orange and shaped with six petals which match the modes of consciousness, such as affection,pitilessness, feeling of all-destructiveness,delusion, disdain and suspicion. So you see this chakra is very diverse.

This chakra rules over our emotional behavior, sexual addiction or insufficient boundaries. If you were raised in a family situation were things may have been repressed or off kilter than you may be deficient in this chakra. A lot of yoga practitioners use this chakra to balance their energy by doing contractions in the genitals and anus as well as back bends and forward bends to strengthen this chakra.