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Sometimes life throws us a curve ball… Understanding the importance of meditation



Dear Students and Friends,
There are things that we can’t understand that will happen in our lifetime. Things that make us shake our heads in disbelief. They just don’t add up, don’t make sense to us. They leave us feeling perplexed when they happen. Sometimes, often they make us angry,sad,confused and raise our blood pressure.

You can go your entire lifetime without making heads or tails of certain incidents that occur or you can try to figure them all out either way you will exhaust yourself in some type of chase whether it be the “not knowing” or worse yet having to cope with why the incident occurred in the first place. Not to mention dealing with the complexity of what it entails.

In yoga practice we are force to go “within” and often it will dredge up the past on a process towards healing. If you want to reach enlightenment you need to also first be prepared to open the large envelope of your life and explore the contents. Thus meditate…

Meditation is a powerful science that can help us put aside thoughts that weigh us down, you know , the ones that create stress and illness in our body. You need to develop a relationship with your mind.
This will eventually allow you to be in charge of your thoughts on a much higher level working this into your daily practice as a yogi.

This will help you to find peace within yourself and with those around you. This will bring your body into stillness. Regular yogis practicing meditation have shown increased activity in their left pre-frontal cortex, which is the area associated with happiness. Recent studies have proven just that with 11 minutes of meditation daily you can improve your short term memory and cognitive functions reducing your stress level and fatigue.

Put your well-being at the forefront of your priorities this summer and join me in a commitment to study a path towards better health with our Zen study. Enjoy the journey that is what it is truly all about!



Law #7 The Law of Dharma



Dear Students and friends,

What is our purpose in life? We each are made with an unique set of talents. It is sort of a puzzle for each one if us to solve as to how these gifts should be shared with others. For me it clearly is teaching yoga and writing about yoga, travel, saving money and: most recently children’s stories. When we find our unique purpose and put it work we realize our Dharma. What is your special talent?

To be in a state of Dharma, your life must flow effortlessly without interruption. There will always be obstacles in life either physical or emotional. Perhaps you tell yourself “I don’t have time to practice my lessons” or “I should not be spending the money to do this right now we don’t have it” , “I can’t travel there it will be too difficult to plan”. On and on the list goes but my friend let me tell you if you don’t find a way to stop making these self inflicting excuses (yes I said excuses), even as valid as:they may sound, your just stopping yourself from achieving the ultimate law of Yoga and in life, following your true purpose.

Everyone needs a push. I am no exception my spouse who was my boyfriend at the time told me to finish my yoga school and I did. I had the excuses too “Well I already know how to teach the classes” “I will do it someday when I have more free time” (that one is such a lie to yourself) and “This is expensive I shouldn’t be spending money on school right now”. These were simply all excuses that I voiced that almost held me back from reaching my goal, from reaching my Dharma. So thank you Ira for believing in me and pushing me when I needed it and mostly for seeing something manifesting inside of me that I could not see at that time for myself.:-)

The first step of law#7 is to discover your higher self for me it was yoga. The second component is to acknowledge your talents for me it was writing. The third and final step of practicing Dharma is by serving others for me it is sharing my findings with you on this blog which has grown to be enjoyed all across the globe. The question to ask yourself is “How can I serve others?” sharing your gifts is the highest expression of Dharma.

Every cell in the body has a Dharamic function as they work in unison with the organs in a body. All in accordance with the laws of nature. Don’t you see by living to your fullest potential allowing that vital energy inside of you to shine then you are aligned with the Law of Dharma.

“Om Varunam

Law #6 The law of detachtment



Dear Students and friends,

This law is about learning to let go and embrace uncertainty. There is something magical about starting out on a new
thing in life whether it be attempting a new yoga practice or starting a brand new job doing something you have never done before. It’s the not knowing that both excites us and confuses us at the same time. The fact is that everything you have experienced in the past will help you as you unfold into this new part of your life as long as you can relax and trust that nature is at work. The law of detachment encourages you to be open to the excitement and adventure of what is happening now and not so focused on any outcome from it. By practicing uncertainty you learn to let go of your past and with it anything that may have been hindering you from reaching your full potential.

When you focus your energy on the present and on your goals and remain focused on this exciting new part of your life things begin to happen, doors open, desires become fulfilled. The first step is acknowledging that you welcome this new part of your life by stepping forward into it and the second is to remind yourself it’s all part of the journey and whatever happens simply will happen. Let it flow as it is meant to flow.

“Om Anandham Naham” My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome

Homework: If you did the dream-line from Tim Ferris site review it again and see how far you have come on the timeline so far. Did you meet day 1,2,3 goals?

If you have not made your dream-line yet or if your like me you ripped up the paper and started over 3 times the dream-line along with other valuable life lessons can be found on my last blog please go back to Law #5 and look for the links.


Guru Kat

Law#5 The law of intention and desire


jyl-logoDear Students and friends,

One of my favorite laws is #5 The law of intention and desire and that probably has a lot to do with the crazy notion in the back of my head somewhere whispering ” take control of your destiny “, when inside I already know is a totally bogus idea as truly only my Creator can decide my intended outcome. Regardless, I tell myself law #5 is way cool because it allows us to focus on some aspects of just what we want to do in life and get positive mojo flowing.

Law #5 tells us to be clear in our intentions and desires. To write them down and to review them often. To go over them in our minds silently to ourself prior to each yoga practice. This law requires us to reflect to “think”about our goals and to write down what we would want the outcome of them to ultimately become. The second part of practicing this law is to trust that whatever happens is meant to be and to understand and accept that outcome as part of the plan. The final action of law#5 is to stay fully present in the moment no matter what don’t become distracted during this time of working on your intentions and desires.

In your yoga practice that simply means telling yourself that you will go just as deep in your pose as your body is allowing today and if that means that you’re not able to take it all the way today then you need to surrender to that point as your limit for today trusting that is where you are meant to be.

When we put forth our goal plan, reflect on our intentions daily with a positive open heart accepting any outcome and do so while not allowing outside distractions then we are energizing our desires. Everything works in unison as it should.

“Om Ritam Namah” : My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence

Homework: Create your own dreamline from author of “4 Hour Work Week” Tim Ferris:

Copy of DreamlineWorksheet2.0