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Let us pray for others and do what we can to show compassion and aid


jyl-logoDear Students and Friends,
I recently was blessed to travel to Puerto Rico for the weekend where I was able to commune with natural in the rain forest and spend time learning about our ecosystem in person. IMAG0181
On Monday I was sitting at San Juan airport waiting on a delayed flight back to Florida which you will soon experience any time that you fly from now on due to recent traffic controllers getting 1 day unpaid furlough per each ten days worked part of the government cuts that began this weekend.
During my stint at San Juan I was reading their local paper and I came upon this article:New York Times Article on Greece Children going hungry
I was immediately out of my “ZEN” mini vacation to nature over, what the heck is wrong with our world leaders and government?
I read the article to my husband whom was equally disturbed but not surprised after all isn’t that we were are headed in the US if something is not done soon.
There are 2 classes left as far as I see it the wealthy and spoiled and the “not” we are the “not” for the most part.
There are people that will argue there are more pressing issues than worrying about kids in another country and that their government should handle it and we should mind our business. The truth is these type of people that sound off to that tune actually have no little to no regard for human life at all. Those people I do pray for as well as they are lost in a whole other type of selfish lifestyle.
I see I am not alone in the discussions on this as if I was not sick already I find this:Children dumped on streets in Greece and this The Economist Blog

Well I have something to say. What is wrong with the way we are managing things in the world?
I won’t add to the negativity as it only breeds when you do but I will say this something must be done and awareness is the first step before action is even considered.
I think the more people that read this and share this will help this situation to possibly be addressed so please do your part and pass my blog along to all that you know and encourage them to take part and do the same.

How can we help the children and parents of Greece? We can support a village for those of us whom can:
If not just pass this along someone else can that is more financially able.
I mean USA is not far from the same situation the Economist blog is on target.
I talk to people during the week still losing their jobs due to budget cuts across the USA.
This is unreal. Most say they are not out of the recession at all and that it is worsening and not improving at all, I can’t argue that one.

So as I read all of this and do more research on this issues I think to myself wow my son turns 18 in October and what will he see as a young adult in his lifetime? What will it be like when he is my age?

As he gets ready to prepare to enter his final year of high school we are studying a new way of thinking based on business training and lifestyle training that we both took part of at a recent seminar and now with a system we are following. I would like to share that with you as it may be something that can help enrich your life as well.

For example our conversations go more like this these days. We as a family talk about our pursuits of what matters to us in life and we really talk about what we can do without buying or remove instead of what we can get ourselves wrapped in financially.We spend our downtime studying more on the art of living within our means and achieving goals and dreams by doing certain steps. We are learning how to improve, we clean out our things, give away, purge, budget stronger, learn ways to increase our income while decreasing our workload, how to manage our schedules to remove “hectic” and become “manageable” even as we own and operate several corporations and a few of these are growing baby companies that require hands on constantly.We spend more time outdoors and in nature where we can relieve all stress and find peace in our life practices. I know most of you will try this practice in some way as spring comes and you clean up inside and out we just will do it ongoing as part of our practice.

I know I am taking you through the 7 spiritual laws and we are only half way through and I have not taken us to the next law in our studies this month (don’t think I forgot about you guys) but I wanted to let you know what is going on with these families and the economy. I think that is way out of control and want to try to do my part to aid even if it’s just through my blogging to share it with all of my followers. I need to be a voice and so do you.

This summer we will be studying Zen after we wrap up the laws. In the meanwhile I am seriously asking myself how do I stay Zen in the face of all of this and ask you to do the same? I think this is a true test of faith like I mention a lot. So for these people in Greece and in the USA and in all of the world we are called to say a good intention and if you do believe in the power of prayer join me in praying for resolution.

That beautiful rain forest is calling me inside to remember it’s beauty and to take refuge in knowing that there are all of these magnificent wonders placed here by someone greater than us so there has to be an answer and it all starts with the voices being challenged to speak up and to be heard by those with the power to resolve.

One of the coolest things I have learned so from our self improvement studies with my spouse is that we can reach our goals with very little and live 1000 lifetime journeys and travel to the ends of the earth to share what we have learned. So we vow to do just that living lightly.

Till next time.


Healing Mantra



Dear Students and Friends
Recently I found out my dear friend might have cancer due to something in her blood. We are each uniquely amazingly formed by God’s design. This particular person is amazing because she has such a strong will about her and probably was that way since birth. Actually I picture her kind of screaming and kicking at birth as she is just that full of life. We live over a thousand miles apart the past 13 years.

To not hear from her in awhile and bump into her only on Face Book to chat and find this news just while I happened to log in to listen to music was upsetting but at least now I know why I have not heard much from her and she knows that I am here for her.

So what do you say to someone when they tell you the Dr thinks they may have cancer? Well not much you can say. You ask all the normal questions but really inside your just asking yourself “Why?” , “Why my friend?”, “Why does anyone have to have darn cancer?”. The bible teaches me that God has reasons for everything we experience in this lifetime. So 13 years ago when I had Stage 1 bordering Stage 2 intraepithelial neoplasia aka Cervical Dysplasia removed I had to rely strongly on the fact that God was in charge and he had a plan.Since finding out about this persons situation she has been on FaceBook stating how she felt and mentioned feeling like she wants to give up sometimes. I had to remind her that she is the strongest person I ever knew. I know that is not much help at this time and if she told me to “kiss off” I would not blame her. I think every word counts and we need to start the healing even before we know the full diagnosis

As you can see I am not a huge Face Book person and don’t spend too much time on there but it is nice to reach out to loved ones and old friends and that is what I use it for. I have found friends from my childhood and people that I had lost touch with from my young adult years and I know many of you have done the same. Face Book sometimes you unite us and sometimes its good news and friendships are rekindled and other times it is troubling things we stumble into or situations that need more Mantras then I can find to recite. Face Book you manage to get us involved with each other in ways we otherwise may have just let another day slip past without realizing and so for that Mark Zuckerberg we thank you, you got that part figured out.

So today I share the healing manta with everyone as we all have something inside or outside that needs healing and this applies to each one of us.