The Seven Spirtual Laws Of Yoga Law #2 The Law of Giving and Receiving


kat-logoDear Students and Friends,
As we continue in our study of The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Yoga we go forward into the second law “Giving and Receiving”.
Much like the body requires the flow of blood or it begins to clot we must keep energy circulating within ourselves in order to live.
We need to be open to practicing giving and receiving and really understand the meaning behind both ideals.
In yoga we set standards by doing exploratory studies thus we set fourth a course for our lives.
Someone once told me to follow my heart many years ago way before I had a clue what this world was about.
Years later I can tell you that it is not so much in following but to listen to your heart and by learning to practice the law of giving and receiving you can learn to listen to the hearts of many others that are surrounding you near or far.
You can start by giving of yourself to serve others. That means forget all that you think you know, clear out the clutter that is in the old brain closet upstairs and start fresh.
Happiness is life-sustaining and should flow. If your feeling stagnant or lost or unsure and maybe even some of you may be a bit numb from life’s happenings and can’t even remember how to feel anything worthwhile at all most days. For you especially I write this article today and I want you to know there is hope.
I want you to do a simple practice so that you can better understand the importance of giving and receiving.

I want you to go into a quiet dark space alone and come into a comfortable seated position.
I want you to place your hands at your hearts center and close your eyes.
Take a deep breath and hold it as long as you can and then fully exhale and hold your breath with your lungs emptied.
You will feel strange because you are resisting air that needs to come inside.
See when you resist receiving that air you are going against nature, against these 2 ideals of giving and receiving all that your body needs to exist.
When you let it flow freely you are again in proper alignment with the universe.

If you learn to give of yourself to others in small ways perhaps a smile or even just a prayer silently for a situation or that someone important on your mind, eventually, you will be able to do much larger things. You will begin seeing things happen for you that is due to the circulation of your deeds.

Today I don’t give you any large workout video today I want you to reflect inward in silence. Sometimes reflection can be more of an exhausting workout then the hardest power yoga class. Especially because we all have those big old closets upstairs in our heads that truly need some spring cleaning.
Namaste go in love.


About Kat Wendorf

Kathleen Wendorf is a certified NESTA sports yoga instructor located in Central Florida. Kathleen has studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Yin and Kundalini yoga as well as others. Kathleen is also a writer who has been featured on The Morning Show. She invites you to bookmark and follow her blog to learn inspirational yoga. You can also visit Amazon to find other books on yoga and travel savings as well as her children's books and fictional novels. Kathleen has a mission to share as much as she can with her yoga friends. Please feel free to reach out to her at any time for any comments or questions.

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