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Yoga Chest Book #1 The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga



Hello my students and friends,

In the next phase of my blog for 2013 we will follow in our study for the new year will be a bit like a book club of sorts for yogis or anyone interested in exploring new territories. During the coming year I will pick books relevant to your progression and follow the main excerpts from a great book. I encourage you to build a collection of these valuable books as a reference. So this is one that you should pick up for your yoga chest “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga” by Deepak Chopra M.D. and David Simon M.D.

Description of what we will study in this book:

There are 7 basic spiritual laws that these Doctors write about in regards to yoga as follows:

1) The Law of Pure Potentiality
2) The Law of Giving and Receiving
3) The Law of Karma
4) The Law of Least Effort
5) The Law of Intention and Desire
6) The Law of Detachment
7) The Law of Dharma

You will notice as we get into each one similarities of how I incorporate all of these laws into my practice. I welcome your comments and emails as always and thank you so much for your participation.
Enjoy in good health.


Here is a great holiday Power Yoga that is both mildly challenging and invigorating when the new window opens click on the pdf link :PowerYoga3_20min


Happy Holidays From JYL!


Santa Yogajyl-logo

Hi Everyone,
Wow! Warm sunny greetings from Florida and Happy Holidays, Happy last day of Hanukkah and Merry Christmas is on it’s way. We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our home due to our mixed religions and it’s funny to hear my friends whom do the same make “pet” names for the holiday. We just started celebrating both holidays this year as I thought we should both have something from our upbringing to share to mark this joyous time of celebration. have an embarrassing but true story about that but let’s just say next year the Wendorf’s will get the dates right! Guess we’ve been working too hard in Santa’s toy factory lately.

No matter we enjoy both holidays and partake in some of each customs.It has been a year since I first started this blog. Thank you to all 329 of my followers, friends, students and yes my mentor whom also follows my blog. Thank you Suzanne Andrews my best friend in the world whom takes the time to read what she has so patiently guided me to learn and continues to inspire me daily. You can see Suzanne on PBS she has a great fitness show Function Fitness and also on her DVD collection you can see her husband Glenn with her. They are just dynamite people she a sister to me and she not only teaches but she keeps cranking out new videos all of the time, keep up the great work Suzanne and Glenn.

It seems just like yesterday we were watching the boats on the water at sunset in Key West. We moved back to Port Orange during the holidays last year, what a mess boxes and moving trucks and cat in a crate, not very festive but this year is totally different.Lately Ira and I have been spending some time in North/South Beach Miami getting to know that area it’s not Key West but it is very close.

Thanks to our dear friends Yvonne and Darin for renting us the beach side apartment last winter until our home was empty and ready for us to occupy again you helped us immensely during our transition back home, thanks.
We hurried back in our home in February and the remodeling began but how come it never ends, you ever wonder that? For us it seems to multiply one project leads to the discovery of a need for another etc.

We learned so much living in Key West, oh boy what a magical island, it will forever be in our hearts. We had some serious ups and downs during 2013 and we are happy to say through faith and prayer along with a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen all is okay now.

When summer came we were fortunate to spend a small vacation in Panama City Beach with my teenager Jake (17) during his school break. Ira and Jake went to scuba school where Jake received his Nitrox cert and Ira his Advanced Diver cert. Jake is a junior this year studying Automotive this is the same boy whom spelled out his name with matchbox cars at 2 years old, so it must be destiny. I look forward to spending his summer break with him and watching him and Ira doing more fun diving off the coast in Miami and down in the Keys this summer.

Many of you probably wonder what we do besides yoga so I will tell those of you that don’t know.Aside from my husband’s photography and web development company where he designs fabulous web sites in 2009 we invented a 100% green cleaning product for the Heating and Air Conditioning companies to clean units without harming themselves or others whom breathe in the air from the units. We also developed a software form that replaces the “triplicate” form used in the service industry
And then there’s me whom is a technical support representative by day and runs everything as the Administrator on nights and weekends. I am very happy to report we are in the midst of something really big with our businesses and we are just full of excitement.

Today we were lucky enough to be chosen as the Photographer and I as the assistant/ Photographer and Santa’s helper for an awesome bunch of elementary students at a Holiday breakfast on the beach. We had a great time listening as Santa took orders from the children, some whom reappeared twice before the big red guy with additional requests. These families were absolutely the best!

As you do your practice this month you may want to take a light gentle practice with a few spinal twists to release any pent up last minute holiday stress. You know the holidays can be very stressful without you realizing you are even feeling stressed just from running around preparing for the events, shopping, cooking, cleaning, presents, gatherings. So what I want you to do is to take 15 minutes please just make the time, find a quiet space and practice. Remember to light a candle or a bunch of candles for your quiet time. I want you to make an intention for yourself that in the coming year that you will take the time to practice whatever your schedule may be, do this for your family and loved ones, make sure you are taking care of your health. Your health is the greatest present when you practice healthy habits for you and your loved ones then and only then are you are living authentically. Then think of someone whom may be less fortunate that could use a helping hand and do something to give back this season. Challenge yourself to do these things and have a wonderful Karmic yoga experience.

As we each look forward to this bright New Year, I wish each and everyone of you a very wonderful festive 2013!