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There is something to be said about Yoga


Dear Friends and Students
It is now mid July and I am returning to the blog. I’ve actually had people ask me just yesterday when I went out (which is a rare occasion as I work online from home) what’s going on with your blog and water yoga book?
I had one student text me that she is patiently still awaiting her copy and I felt guilty for having stopped for a 4 day vacation up to Panama City Beach and not working on this final edit.
Then the topper was today I was working on my editing and checking some stats on other videos. I found that I had one dislike which initially upset me so I researched further and found this person was living in Hungary.
Anyhow that made me realize 3 things one I have very kind and loving friends that want to learn yoga along with me. Some close and some far off in other places. Secondly, that although it is 100 degrees outside by my pool here in sunny Florida and I must be crazy to be typing when I work online 10 hrs a day weekly I should be shutting this laptop off and sailing the pool on my floaty.
But see I can’t just shut it off because I am blessed with many gifts and one of them the ability to share my experiences with people all throughout this huge world through my writing.
Lastly, Hungary has really hot summers (according to Wikipedia) during June-August which average about 86 degrees so I can’t blame the dislike on the viewer having heat stroke but instead keep in mind that different types of yoga are not going to appeal to everyone and so one dislike critique in writing, teaching, or presentation is the equivalent to “girl your doing pretty damn good keep it up” and so to you my unhappy one in Hungary next time leave a comment and I will take it into consideration as we are all learning every single moment and that never ceases.
Recently I’ve found my life a bit challenging more so than normal and I found myself drawing on the spiritual aspect of my yoga practice. I realize when it seems rough the best thing you can do is to really shut things completely down and hit the mat on the floor. Inner restoration is such a healthy practice.
The production of my eBook is forthcoming as promised. When it hits Amazon I will update everyone.
For your practice during what is known as Indian Summer late July through Labor Day you want to make sure you are eating light and healthy, drinking extra water. So for every coke you have a bottle of water etc. If you do work out in the outdoors during the week please make sure you have shade and or sun block SPF 80 if in full sun.
Enjoy some cherries, peaches and watermelon. Eat all you want of those!!!
Be healthy and kind to yourself and others.