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Inner Voice


Hello my devoted students. You are all wondering what happened to the Blog
To continue were we left off last month in our study of the Bhagavad Gita and the Mahabharta Indian Epic thus starts the part of the events in the Bhagavad Gita where the Pandavas, Arjuna and his brothers whom have been cheated and lied to must take action with war as their only recourse.
So Arjuna and Duryodhana both go to Krishna (whom happens to be God in an avataric form) and they both ask him for help.

Krisha was born the child of Vasudev and Devaki. Devaki had a nasty brother Kamsa. Kamsa was so mean that he put his own father in jail to seize the kingdom. As rotten as Kasma was he loved his sister Devaki. On the day of her wedding he threw a large feast and he even told everyone he would drive her chariot after the wedding personally to their new home. On the way there an inner voice spoke to Kasma and told him that the eighth child of the newlyweds would kill Kamsa. He was going to kill his sister upon hearing this news but he could not do it and so he made the newlyweds agree to go to jail for the rest of their lives and to give all of their children to him as soon as they were born.

So away to jail the couple went (honeymoon is over!) and then began the vicious cycle of Kamsa killing his nieces and nephews as they were born and when it came time to learn she was pregnant with number eight Kamsa added guards to the jail and chained his sister up. When Devaki went into labor a mysterious thing occurred, the guards all felt sleepy and dozed off. The baby was born and upon arriving he said to Vasudev “Take me to Gokul, to Nanda’s house and you will find a girl-child switch me out for that girl”. This amazing talking baby of course was no other than Krishna. Vasudev replied “How can I do this the doors are locked and we are in chains”. No sooner did he say that and the chains fell off of them and the doors opened up. Vasudev know this must be a clear message he listened to his own inner voice and took the baby as directed.

The guards woke up and saw the new baby and alerted Kasma whom came to the cell to take her and as he touched her feet she flew up out of his hands and into the sky. She turned to Kasma and said “I would have killed you but you touched my feet, and even though you meant to kill me , I will treat this as you were honoring me and let it go this time.” The baby disappeared into heaven.

That left Krishna (or baby Govinda) in the simple home of Yasoda the wife of Nanda. As Govinda grew up miracles happened all of the time around him but nobody put two and two together and life went on as normal. Krisha became a young man that everyone wanted to be around he was full of life. At the age of 12 Kamsa realized whom Krishna must be and challenged him to a wrestling match and Krishna won and then grabbed his mean uncle Kamsa and killed him throwing him to the ground. Krisha had come full force and had to stand his ground.

It’s no surprise later in life that Arjuna and Duryodhana both went to Krishna seeking help in their personal war.So Krishna tells both of them,”Okay, here are your choices: One of you gets my weapons and my army,and the other one of you gets all of me but no weapons or armies.” Arjuna immediately said “I want you”, “All I want is God on my side.” Duryodhana was happy with that because he want all the weapons and power of the army.

Arjuna is a kshatria ( a member of the warrior caste). He is a prince but yet a practical person. Duryodhana is egotistical and without respect to anyone. The differences in each of their personalities is a study all in itself. Ancient Sages talk of this dialogue between the characters and Krishna as a conversation between our individual self and our higher self. Often, the inner voice or inner spirit already contains the wisdom we are seeking if we stop and listen to it.

I have left the blog for a month as I have been diligently working on listening to my inner spirit which told me to continue writing but on a different level to add a new book to my collection. An exercise e-book that my blog followers and yoga friends can use to aid them in their personal quest on their very own yogic journey. This book is in the midst of production now and will be available later this summer for all to enjoy.

For the next month we will be taking it light on the blog during the final completion of the upcoming yoga book. This doesn’t excuse us from class work. I would like you to go to Yoga where you can log in and make a new account for free and download the free courses. I would like you to practice Power Yoga #1 at least twice a week for the month of June. As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know. I do answer every single email as time allows.

For today I will leave you with one fun Kripalu pose:
1)Sit with your legs extended. Draw the sole of your left foot against your right inner thigh keeping your left knee on the floor. Square your hips facing forward. Rest hands on the floor in front of you.

2)Press your sitz bones into the floor elongating your spine lifting up and out of the waist extend through the crown of your head

3) Inhale sweeping your arms out to the sides and overhead, palms facing. Stretch through the spine exhale and relax the top of the shoulders.

4) Take another deep breath in, exhale, lift the tailbone and tip the pelvis forward hinging forward with the spine elongated,rotate your hip joints and feel the stretch in your right leg and hamstring.

5) Bend full forward extending with a straight spine go as far forward as possible don’t over do it.

6) Allow your spine to round and if you can hands rest on your shins or ankles or even your top of your feet. Relax your neck and extend through the top of your head (crown) at the same time

7) Release bringing your hands to rest palms down on either side of your left and slowly bring your torso back to vertical taking several long breaths.

Reverse sides and repeat.

Until next time!