Play the dice


When we left off last in our study of the Gita. The Pandavas received their freedom from Dhritarashtra. Then once more Duryodhana managed to sucker Yuddhisthira (we call him Yuddy for short) into yet another game of dice. The losers being the Pandavas had to go off and live in the jungle for twelve years. On the thirteenth year they had to make sure they hide out without being found, because if they were caught during that year they would have to repeat another twelve years. However the Pandavas made it through all of this and they were to receive their kingdom back as that was the deal.

During their thirteenth year they became servants to a king nearby to hide out and of course Duryodhana did all he could to hunt them down that year, but he failed miserably. At the end of the year they came back to Bharat and went in front of Duryodhana and said “We made it and now we want our kingdom back”. To which Duryodhana replied ” Tough, I’m keeping it”, “I would not give you enough land to carry on the top of a needle.”

Duryodhana has pushed the Pandavas over the edge and now they find they have no other choice but to fight. They were lied to, cheated, and honesty seemed out of sight. War was their only recourse.

Sometimes in life what we believe to be “true” and “just” turns out to be much different then what we expected it to be, or not so “stable”. A peacemaker must make his case heard when fired upon and that may mean with alternative methods, but always for the greater good of mankind.

I did a little 10 minute vinyasa practice set to Diana Krall this weekend, feel free to practice to any type of music that you prefer, hit the mat and unwind!

Jazz Yoga


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Kathleen Wendorf is a certified NESTA sports yoga instructor located in Central Florida. Kathleen has studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Yin and Kundalini yoga as well as others. Kathleen is also a writer who has been featured on The Morning Show. She invites you to bookmark and follow her blog to learn inspirational yoga. You can also visit Amazon to find other books on yoga and travel savings as well as her children's books and fictional novels. Kathleen has a mission to share as much as she can with her yoga friends. Please feel free to reach out to her at any time for any comments or questions.

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