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Play the dice


When we left off last in our study of the Gita. The Pandavas received their freedom from Dhritarashtra. Then once more Duryodhana managed to sucker Yuddhisthira (we call him Yuddy for short) into yet another game of dice. The losers being the Pandavas had to go off and live in the jungle for twelve years. On the thirteenth year they had to make sure they hide out without being found, because if they were caught during that year they would have to repeat another twelve years. However the Pandavas made it through all of this and they were to receive their kingdom back as that was the deal.

During their thirteenth year they became servants to a king nearby to hide out and of course Duryodhana did all he could to hunt them down that year, but he failed miserably. At the end of the year they came back to Bharat and went in front of Duryodhana and said “We made it and now we want our kingdom back”. To which Duryodhana replied ” Tough, I’m keeping it”, “I would not give you enough land to carry on the top of a needle.”

Duryodhana has pushed the Pandavas over the edge and now they find they have no other choice but to fight. They were lied to, cheated, and honesty seemed out of sight. War was their only recourse.

Sometimes in life what we believe to be “true” and “just” turns out to be much different then what we expected it to be, or not so “stable”. A peacemaker must make his case heard when fired upon and that may mean with alternative methods, but always for the greater good of mankind.

I did a little 10 minute vinyasa practice set to Diana Krall this weekend, feel free to practice to any type of music that you prefer, hit the mat and unwind!

Jazz Yoga


Soul Asylum


Time to have a break for yourself after a long day at work. No matter what is going on in your life and how awesome it is we all need to take a few minutes to rejuvenate.

The number one complaint I have had emailed to me recently is “TIME” how do I find that 20 minutes to do my routine work out. I will answer that today you can do just 10 it’s okay

Your yoga fix:

Spring Cleaning


Hello everyone

Last week I did a demo video for you based on a  Detox  video part #1

This week I want to continue with part #2.

I would like you to please follow this DetoxYoga2_20min routine this week at least once or twice.

Later this week I will be posting  our continuance of the Pandavas and their quest as we study the old ancient text together. I will also post more information on modification poses for anyone that is a beginner or anyone whom  has limited mobility or has suffered an injury.

I will do post a sequential video clip that focuses on the mid section of this above Detox Yoga 2  guide in a  live demo to show you quarter and half modifications. It doesn’t matter how far you go into the pose, this is never a competition. Safety and proper alignment are truly what matter the most for a successful yoga practice. I suffer from neck and back past motor vehicle injuries from when I was a young adult. I have to curtail my stretches and modify often and if you watch me in the videos you will notice in certain postures I don’t go fully into them and honestly that is okay, this is practicing safely and within your own personal range. Over time you will improve at positioning and you will gain flexibility in even the most sensitive areas of your body and eventually you will be able to deepen into what today seems like impossible postures.

So enjoy, take it as it comes and remember the importance of safe practice.



“Something about the chase… “


In the words of famous Lady Gaga “something about this place, something about the chase”,  When we left off last in our study of the book that influenced the most important Gita Mother Kunti was in the cave and could not see her son’s treasure that they brought home and so she told the five children to share equally whatever it was, too funny as it was Draupadi the new Bride won by the Arjuna now found herself sentenced to a life of five husband’s by her brand new mother in law, how is that for destiny. Atleast she’ll never be without a husband and have to result to dating any of her list of ex leftovers. If your new to our blog please read the past blogs to catch up with us on the journey of our study.

The Pandava boys are on the chase, the hunt, the long awaiting hiding in the jungle soon after came to an end after the right time they pushed their way back to the Kingdom and demanded their fair place they were given the crappiest piece of land to live in and settled in. The brothers made a glorious kingdom out of the land and that made Duryodhana so much more jealous and he was once again just plotting against the brothers.

Do you know anyone whom comes off as sincere in your path but then one day their true colors come out unexpectedly? . That type of person is like just a bad egg like Duryodhana, but they are slick enough to pull the wool over some eyes  enough so that  they never seem to completely spoil enough to be thrown out of your friends and family network.

Basically  they do just enough wool pulling to fool  people  and everyone puts up with that person;s sometimes horrible behavior. You may not even notice or realize that person is negative or “poison” until they do something deceitful that personally affects  you and by then well they are just about as trashy and deceitful as Duryodhana.

Hopefully you will learn that  this portion of the  story is supposed to make you take a closer look if you think you have a stinky King’s son in your personal life and also think about how our own actions put such types of karma in place.

Anyhow, Duryodhana remembered the elder brother Yuddhishthira-Yuddy for short was a gambler by nature and challenged him to play dice and well Yuddy lost everything. He had Arjuna’s wife brought in and stripped her naked to make a spectral of her to shame the Pandavas. As he ordered her clothing stripped of her saris they was always one more beneath because she was protected by the purity of the dharma. When the king heard of his son’s behavior he was so upset wtih him and embarrassed that he offered Draupadi three boons. For the first one she wanted her husbands to go free , for the second their weapons to be returned to them, and she said for him to keep the 3rd boon she didn’t need it.

Next time we will carry on from here but you can see it was truly about the chase all of those years ago and today it is still about the chase, the journey, the struggle.

With so much on our minds and in our hearts already we are overloaded by the time you cram the media and technology that we are told daily to utilize,absorb/learn, and which has just become our accepted way of life.

It’s no wonder we lose ourselves.

I would like you to do a Detox routine this week from Yoga Download that I am posting the basic postures video I created this afternoon for our class purposes. The full video/audio and pdf pose guide can be downloaded if you join Yoga as a member. I often refer to Yoga Download during my teaching as they have a wonderful community of teachers with awesome routines that I also follow.

Then I would you to schedule a time of reflection, whether it be a short walk, a quiet reading time, listen to some music that soothes you with a refreshing beverage, just do it for you and promise me you’ll shut everything else off if only just for 15 minutes, we all need it.


Guru Kat

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