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Mother Knows Best


Hi everyone. I titled today’s blog “Mother Knows Best”  and that’s because I just had to laugh at myself when I text-ed my 16 1/2 yr old to fuel up before his workout and then read the next part of the story that I am sharing with you today as I believe it had significance in the fact that Mother really does always know what’s best. Although distance separates us by a mere 1275 miles (yes that is far isn’t it) I am still his Mother and I give my daily advise in his life as does Kunti in the next part of our story of the wonderful Gita.

Today we start up where we left off studying our path of the Bhagavad Gita which is a portion of a far larger-actually found directly in the middle of the 6000 page book the Mahabharata( if you are just joining us please refer to the 20th of March post for the beginning of this series to catch up). When we left off Pandu had died as a result of his karma and his brother Dhritarashtra (the blind brother I might add) ruled the land. As years went by and both sides children grew up  the eldest of  Pandu’s sons Yuddhisthira was next in line to take the thrown. That made Dhritarashtra’s son Duryodhana jealous. So Duryodhana begins a bunch of back handed scheming to get rid of all of the Pandavas so he can take over the kingdom. What he planned was a huge party , no holds barred a palace was  even created for their lodging . It was so elegant and had every amenity including very flammable material that it was totally built out of. One night Duryodhana set fire to the palace while the Pandavas were sleeping and the Pandavas had escaped as one of their own servants had been privy to the information on the construction and warned them. They all escaped, all 5 Pandavas with their Mother to the jungle to hide away safely.

They received word that there was to be a ceremony   to select a spouse for the beautiful Princess of a high ranking King. All the locals competed even the Pandavas left the jungle to compete and nobody could win the fierce tests required by the King to be worthy of Draupadi his daughter. All failed except for one person, Arjuna, the third son of Pandu one of the Pandavas had defeated each challenge and won Draupadi’s hand in marriage. When excitedly he returned to show his Mother Kunti his new bride she could not see from the darkness of inside the cave when Arjuna said come out and see what we brought back Mother, and she replied “Whatever it is share it equally among all of you” , and so they did. They shared the new bride Draupadi. We will continue on next time … I know I have you hooked by now (or asleep again???) That’s okay too…

I have received numerous requests via email to demonstrate the poses found in my video links. I have also received requests for me to host my own videos for all to view. I will do both. As you know I have a few things going on at the moment in my house,” remodel” being the key word! So as time permits I will begin professional video taping for you with the aid of my super special photographer husband Ira. Until such time I have a few videos of not such high quality that I did follow along in the poses for you on and record the audio/video so you can follow along and get the basics on posing.

Of course if you have any questions or suggestions as always I welcome you comment on the blog and or to email me privately at Thank you for your interest and dedication to your practice, Namaste

Today’s practice =YogaSculpt1_20min


Link for todays Power Vinayasa Audio Class


I was informed the link would not play the audio by a student so I am sending out the link to Yoga Download for the free class. Namaste

The Next Stage


Hello my yogis. I have been away from the blog with that anticipated move back to my home and so for the past month I have been unavailable. I did respond to each of your emails and I’m glad to see the blog was actually really missed. What that being said I am back to share more and learn with you and grow in our quest whatever that is for each of us it is unique.

During my month of moving,remodeling and adjustment to “home ownership life” again versus renting I had a lot of things that happened. Some pleasant, some not but this my friends is the journey and in I am once more reminded that it is his will not ours.

Someone extremely close to me had a medical diagnosis which require one year maybe more of harsh treatments rocking their world and all of those whom surround. In acceptance of the realization that it could have been much worse I thank God in gratitude and pray for a positive outcome.

I have always been somewhat of a spiritualist studying different religions always appealed to me. Having been born a Catholic and raised that way, switching my beliefs and being baptized again as a Baptist in my younger adult  years and now later in life finding myself an ordained non denominational minister marrying couples of all religions and belief systems, I guess you would title me somewhere in between if there is such a place where I can park my faith mobile.

Of course I am human and I fall just as everyone does and so I ask myself during this recent major chain of events in my life just where is my path to God and how do I go to the next stage, what his will?

I find myself drawn back to my studies once more. A true yogi will study and follow discipline. So I set out to study the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible and maybe even the Kabbalah as my husband suggested.

I decided I will learn and put all to use and share a little each blog with my fellow yogis.

I begin where it all begins in the Bhagavad Gita and really the whole story is in the first two Chapters. Before you learn the Gita’s magnificent story you will need a little background on teh Mahabharata which is what Gita is a part of. The Mahabharata is one of two great Indian epics (the Ramayana being the second). The Mahabharata is a huge book over 6000 pages (and no I have not even read one yet only the Cliff notes which I share today with you). It is said to be the longest book in the world. It was written somewhere around 500 B.C. but historians argue it is more like 1400 B.C. when it all went down.

It is basically the study of a kingdom but more importantly a study of human interactions, what makes us tick. It can be read from many different points of view. It involves 2 families at war and smack dab in the middle of the book is a big battle between the kingdom’s 2 families at war and thus enters the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna that is referred to the Bhagavad Gita or “Song of God”.

The story of Mahabharata is about the kingdom of Bharat in northern India. The king of Bharat had two sons. Dhritarashtra and Pandu the first being the oldest was born blind and thus during that time he could not be in line for the throne when their Dad died. This left Pandu to rule the kingdom with his two wives Kunti and Madri and he had 5 children between them. In this group of children was created “the Pandavas”  or the good apples of the bunch of kids. The eldest Yuddhisthira had one bad habit he gambled which today would be rehab but back then no such deal.

The other brother Dhritarashtra had one hundred children (that’s right back then this was the norm or so the writing tells us, my grandma had sixteen thus it is possible!). Gandhari his wife was so devoted to her spouse that she also blindfolded her own eyes the entire marriage as she felt it would be wrong for her to see what he could not.

About 5 years into his reign, Pandu accidentally killed a Brahamin (not a good thing to do) and to pay for his sins, he retired to the forest to do penance or “tapasya” as they call it. He left his brother Dhristarashtra in charge in his absence. Pandu died as a result of his curse and his brother stayed on the throne.

We’ll stop there today and pick up on the next blog by now your either hooked or your asleep which is okay if your fell asleep because I’m all about meditation.

For today not only we will embark on a spiritual journey we will start what I call the “core” of workout in yoga. I was trained and certified in Sports yoga thus I have a passion for Vinyasa and Power yoga. Today you will start a 20 minute Power Vinyasa workout that will not only push you but energize and relax you inside and out.

I want you to take a minute at the start of each practice and dedicate your practice to a cause. Whether that be a personal cause such as a request or prayer for “strength” or “healing” or for a friend’s or loved one’s needs, take a moment to dedicate your hard work before you begin and believe me that makes you work just twice as hard during your class which yields you many rewards.

I hope my being so open with you will encourage you to look in the mirror and be more open with yourself.

Please remember you can each email me at or feel free to comment on the post wall. Namaste, it’s good to be back home! Kat

Here is your workout audio for today please click on this link to begin: