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Winter Detox it’s good for the soul


Hi everyone. Monday here again. Tonight I start you on a very important ritual for the winter months.   “Ayurveda”   or
Ayruvedic cleansing is very good for curing many mid winter allergies, it will help your body to “cleanse” out any toxins following Ayruvedic diet as well. If you don’t assist these toxins in moving out of the body, you can become prone to flu, colds and cough, or allergies. Or you might feel unusually fatigued, sluggish or drowsy after lunch, or lose your appetite.

The study of Ayruveda  doesn’t require you to spend much time studying the subject but once you start I guarantee you will want to read more.

I have attached part one of a nice Detox to get you started for your week. Let it be your early Spring cleaning regimen.

Here is a follow along guide for your poses:DetoxYoga1_20min


Take your back out for a ride on the Stretch Highway


Hi everyone! Monday here and you know what that means? Yes hit the mat.

Here is part #2 to the weekend stretch that we started…


Little Mindful movements can help all of us


Okay so I am a bad girl checking inbox of emails during what should utimately be my computer off downtime afterall I spend over 60 hrs a week on the system working !

This horoscope was so good to remind me to get out that I got up and walked away from my computer (even forgetting to shut it down) and ran out to my car and buckled my husband up for safety and drove off to lunch,haircut, eyebrow waxing, a stop to target, a browse through Kirkland’s and a quick dab in at Ulta and Sally’s with a zip into 7-11 for the Sunday paper so I could put my feet up without my computer on and start reading when I got back. Shh please don’t tell anyone I am on here just had to share this with others who may be computer day off culprits just as I was today.

In 2 weeks I’ll be moving again this time back into my house (which misses me badly it told me so when I stopped by yesterday to grab my mail). I will be painting,  remodeling, decorating, gardening and oh ya blogging to you in between!

Isn’t life grand? Now for the ones of us that just don’t care for football-you know who you are don’t try to play that you even know who the Giants quarterback is, just stop it already your embarrassing yourself put the guacamole down that stuff is nasty tasting and so bad for your figure anyhow.   Get  outside the stores are expecting you today and let the fans sit in peace watch their super bowl you will still be back in time to see Madona at half time!


The Kat


Mindful Movements
Pisces Daily Horoscope

Your thoughts may be scattered today or you may have difficulty focusing on your many responsibilities. Life’s normal disarray and unpredictability could affect you deeply and trigger tension. If you find you have problems concentrating, you may need to take time to center yourself before continuing on to your next tasks. This centering can be achieved by engaging in calming, solitary activities such as journaling or physical exercise. Taking a walk through your neighborhood or a jog in a local park will likely help you regain your clarity of mind while simultaneously easing the tension that your body may be harboring. If your schedule is full today, a small amount of productive physical activity, like housework or yard work, could improve your focus.

Exercise can be a boon to both the body and mind by easing tension in the physical self and dissipating stress. When you exercise, you are naturally centered as your muscles stretch and become more flexible, and your brain is bathed in rich, life-giving oxygen. The repetitive movements inherent in most exercises are emotionally soothing and allow you to get lost in your thoughts. As your body expends effort, your mind is free to wander and the resultant clarity of thought could help you work through what was causing you anxiety. Regular exercise can likewise focus your thoughts, quiet your mind, and help you maintain a more positive outlook. When you take time to exercise today, your mind will achieve a state of serene stillness.

Working on your core components


The core components to yoga include breathing aka stress reduction, postures to create flexibility-range in motion, and purification of the body which will lead to increased fitness and weight loss helping to aid in your overall being.

One of the most overlooked areas  is the back. We rely on our back to lift, stretch, move and to handle the weight of our bodies. That’s a tough order if you consider all we put our backs through.

I would like you to begin to bring awareness to your muscle groups as you are using them throughout the day.

Here is a nice part #1 back exercise regimen that you should try this weekend.

Yoga Chant!


Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya – Krishna Das

Short Description:

-Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaayaa-

“I bow to the Lord who lives in the hearts of All

When I see your face
shining with the light of all the worlds
What else can I do but call out to you?
My calling brings me closer to you.
Your love brings you closer to me,
You who live in the hearts of every being in the universe,
show me your face.
I see you looking through the eyes of my friends,
of my enemies, of strangers and family
of the good the bad and the ugly,
of the beautful and the strange.
Everywhere I turn, you are there
Looking at me through your wonderful masks!
You’ve made me forget you again and again,
but now I see you and I won’t let go.
I will take the threads of my life
and make a rope and tie myself to your
I am yours and you are mine.
Now try to make me let go!”

One fish, Two fish, just keep fishing…


Hi everyone

It’s Wednesday made it through that half week point!

My boss in Texas is on his way to the hospital to have his first baby soon with his wife… drive safely..and keep us posted here in the sunshine state.

I had a friend link me to a class yearbook today for old Port Jervis High in Port Jervis New York class of 88′

I had to go on there and see who signed up and how they are doing. I found one of my oldest and for the most part missing friends Jim C  on there and tried to reach out to him.

Very interesting story as  we went to the same Catholic school for CCD each Wednesday night in Morristown N.J. growing up as little ones. Yes mostly dragged by the _ _ _ _ from our parents if I recall how it went down at the time sort of kicking and screaming but knowing we would all be able to hang out on Wednesday night as we grew older then it became “cool” to go, especially if we skipped out on occasion and we were not caught. Jim,Kat and Dennis Hearn, inseparable Wednesday night CCD kids of the block!. Yes somewhat of a preference to hanging out with the boys even at a young age.

At 13  when my father became sick with colon cancer and was dying he was having major financial difficulties and he was forced to sell his house that he had built from the ground up as a young man and move in to a different area with a lower cost of living far away from beautiful Morristown  we had to move to New York to a little town called Port Jervis in the Tri-State area.

I was pleasantly surprised  4 years later at age 17 when I was out with my newest boyfriend of the senior year Duane and he wanted to stop at his friend’s house and it turned out to be Jim’s house he had also moved to Port Jervis go figure.

So anyhow I attended Jim’s  first wedding as a Bridesmaid and attended his second wedding as a guest and time slipped by I was also divorced from Duane and later remarried and well you know how it goes you lose touch when you split with the friend of your ex spouse! Someone has to give up the “friends”.

I was absolutely upset to hear my friend was not well a few years ago and had no way to reach out to him after so many years of silence. Today to see him holding a fish on the yearbook page I have to laugh back and remember the many fishing trips we took and how I was dubbed his “good luck charm”  as he would catch tons of fish each time we went by the Deleware river.

It’s in my cougar years (and no I’m not afraid to say it, in my four-ties) that I look back at how I was so upset when I heard he was not well and now to see him smiling holding his fish-just took me back to  the simplicity of friendship as a child and young adult and know that God is always at work for the greater good and he watches out for our friends even when we no longer can.

If your like me you need a good mid week stretch today. I already sent you part 2 on accident the other day so please do this part now and be glad that you did!

Namaste and Blessings to everyone each day!